TOP LOOKS | Merry May, Mary Me

1. Maria van Nguyen | Vanillascented
Maria almost radiates a rare kind of friendly happiness. She is a little bit vulnerable, romantic and smiling in every picture, evolving them into softer versions. Look at this outfit, filled with wool and a hint of pink - but do not mistake, underneath the pleated skirt hides a firm pair of Nikes. I felt for her hair as well, shiny and perfectly cut. 

2. Tasfia and Fabliha Reza | Inside In, Inside Out
Fresh and just discovered. Tasfia and Fabliha have the kind of taste their names already presume: wild, original and a bit odd. Next to the out-of-space looks, they also have a minimalistic side that contains asymmetric skirts, uncovered bellies and a fine palette of black and white.

3. Karina de Jesús | Beach and Dress
Another Queen of the DIY's, this developing lady. Karina has a great taste in clothing, picks exactly the right sizes, colours and items. I like her cycle shorts-look most, it has some sort of back-to-the-eighties vibe. She also tried purple lipstick and several cut-out shirts, that look as promising as they sound...

4. Ivania Carpio | Love Aesthetics
Even though she might be one of Holland's finest bloggers with a still rising popularity, Ivania Carpio deserved to make it to the top 5 this month. I cannot stop staring at the perfect pale blue sky, the popping neon and integrity that this set of photos whispers. Wonderful location, brilliant complementing simplistic look.

5. Alice-May-Linh Huynh | iHEARTALICE
She is amongst my favourites at the moment, and not without reason. Her perfect simple clothing, dark hair, mysterious appearance and - yet again - the stairs. Alice finds a balance between a tough, boyish attitude and her long, romantic looks. 

CRAVING | Size up, please

Of course, the Céline mirror heels are a little bit - no wait, waaaaay over my tiny budget. Solution? Find the best look a-like alive. First, I went head over heels (literally) due to the shiny shoes from Topshop to find out these were sold out. Option two was a more broader look on the world. I spent hours scrolling through Chinese characters, measuring my feet and reading terrifying stories about taxes. I found my perfect Céline look a-likes, but they are one size too small. So please, lovely Korean mini's, here in Holland lives a big-foot wishing she could mangle her giant toes into mirrored sandals. Please, manufacturers, think of me whilst producing these fine heels. For all of you lucky bastards with a European size 39 or under, find them here for under sixty dollars.

INTERIOR | Annaleenas Hem

ph /

May I present you: the lovely Annaleenas Hem, aspiring interior stylist and already creator of simplistic designproducts like pyramids. I was surprised by her easy sense of styling with low-budget products, like Japanese Washi tape. Needless to say, I am completely hooked by taping every inch of my room now.

Annaleenas is (well-)known for her DIY's on Emma's Designblogg, copied by noticed bloggers like Ivania Carpio. How about the simplistic wooden hanger for coats and jackets, the charcoal mobile or her lampshade full of feathers? What can I say about the cardboard inspiration, her brilliant use of tape, making words with light cables?

If I had the money and the courage, if I spoke fluently Swedish, I would immediately buy her house in Sweden that is up for sale right now. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in this place, full of design and living architecture.

I can only say 'wow' to her use of graphic lines, to her all-white Scandinavian perfection, to her love for raw materials. Annaleenas' blog is my best interior-find in years. No, in lifetime. I am stunned, I am ordering tape, charcoal, feathers and light cables right now.

Do not forget to check out her fully black and white Pinterest and this feature on her personal interior.

OUTFIT POST | Nude plus Plastic

One of my favourite components to read on other blogs are these outfit posts. Just simple collages filled with those want-to-have items. Even though this costed me hours of scrolling and a few painful staring-moments to edit, I like the result. It is a combination of personal musthaves, like the clear parka and cycle shorts, and will-never-have items, like the breathtaking Wang bag. And well, twohundred bucks may be a little overpriced for sunglasses. Anyway, let me know what you think of this combination!

Sheer blouse in light coral | COS
White Pac-a-Parka | TOPSHOP
Cross bangles | FASHIONOLOGY
Cycling shorts | TOPSHOP
Sunglasses | KAREN WALKER
Metallic heels | BOUTIQUE 9 ORRA
Small Emily Tote | ALEXANDER WANG

FRESH FACE | Bart Hess

Bart van Hess' work is typically between commercial and art. I never knew that some videos and slimy photographs were from his hand, but I did saw them on flyers, festivals and creative blogs. I must shamefully regret the fact that I did not look this fresh artist up earlier. But better late than never?

A man in some glittery black condom, trying to amplify the material. A face, full of blue dots, as some sort of colourful beard. A woman, tied with thin rope which is morphing her face. Bart Hess makes conceptual arts in which he combines material studies, animation and photography. "With new found material, I exploit its limits and explore its every possibility. It is amazing to see how a certain material can change its appearance and its original purpose when you incorporate the skin and body", he says in Prestage Magazine #2. Having a fantastic portfolio of work in several different fields at a very young age -Hess is from '84- Bart is an expert in telling stories in visually strong images. He worked together with Palais de Tokyo, Nick Knight and Iris van Herpen in order to create more thrilling images. "Collaborating helps me to get out of my comfort zone. Not knowing where and how a project is going to go is really special. The thing that binds the different collaborations is the way I use the material. I try to amaze my audience by showing the limitations of it. I am always looking for interesting combinations of materials and new dialogues with the human body".

"I created my own playground which allowed me to make lots of designs. I believe that you can learn from experience and with every shoot I did, I had the feeling I was delving deeper and creating stronger imagery. I didn't have any starting point and I also didn't know what kind of image I would end up with at the end of the day. So, I learned to trust my instincts, which is what made me appreciate the beauty of unexpected". Bart Hess works with simple ideas which are not able to be named or labeled. Is it artwork, is it installation, is it only photography? He does it all, all together, all at the same time. He is a creator, a visionair. He is able to tap into new worlds by using new and existing materials in a innovative way. Hess created his own stage which led to international collaborations and a prestigious status.

Bart Hess is absolutely one of the fresh pioneers in art, fashion and design. He is enriching his field and accomplishing innovative work. Hess is currently operating in a duo called LucyandBart, but also busy with own work. Follow his blog to catch up with regular updates regarding his artwork. Quotes are from Prestage Magazine, photographs from Bart Hess himself.

PERSONAL | Where the inspiration goes

Ph / Ivania Carpio

Apologies for the short hiatus, it was -unfortunately- a necessarily choice. With over fifty hours of work a week, spare-time got quite rare over time. A certain flow of inspiration is required for an overload of beautiful images, deep quotes and a fresh view. To summarize: I need that flow to create a blog that causes a wink, nod, smile. I lost myself somewhere between typing blogs for business, the lack of personal time and a certain kind of pressure. No need to worry though, I just need to make up the balance. Reading the newest Prestage Magazine whilst enjoying a bottle of water in my favourite minty colour, it all comes back to me.

Current inspiration: the clear details of Ivanio Carpio's post for the Dutch Metro Mode

BLOGS | I saw and like

Dark Wings City | Pedro Korshi
I follow tons of blogs, all by the coolest kids of town. However, I noticed that most of them is female. In search of some masculine inspiration, I bummed into Dark Wings City. Pedro Korshi -which could be a fantastic artist name, side note- runs this minimal picture perfect. He is working on his first collection, filled with stiff jackets, loads of white en black, squares and clear details. Eszther from stylorectic is officially his first clothing-wearing 'celebrity'. I like his simple take on things, his love for the finest materials and not having the ability to part men and women. You could easily spot Pedro in leggings or skirts. And he wears it bloody better than me.

Thing for the BlingTeemu Bling
"... ladyboys and girls and all those who dream to rule the world!" Nice opening of an 'about', don't you think? Bleached hair, tough leather jackets, creative gifted and without doubt one of the best male stylists. The Finnish Teemu Bling -wonder if that is his real last name- is an eccentric appearance. Not everything is up my alley, but his fresh look on clothing, outfits and fashion in general makes Thing for the Bling worth a daily visit. His collages are more of the old-school cutting, pasting and writing than the better photoshopwork, but nevertheless enjoyable.

Modern Legacy | Kaitlyn
Style icon. Kaitlyn might be the only woman up here, but she deserved her spot. Giant sunglasses, light knits, a sniff of Wang, a red lip here and there and of course the classic stripe. She has the right ingredients to bake a wonderful cake. It reminds me of Fashiontoast sometimes, Kaitlyn has the same nonchalance, the same sense of style and the same way of photographing. However, she does it with a fresher take on things. Just discovered, already up my list of favourites.

INSPIRATION | On a board

ph / Me

Current inspirational images, ripped out of favourite magazines. Ever since I glanced at the brilliant paperclips Ivanio Carpio uses to hang her magazines, I crave for something similar. Yet, nowadays the magnetic board is my only option. Loads of white hues, a glance of minty green and fine leather. The leather corset belongs to Gareth Pugh, absolutely my favourite photograph here. Céline on left, an old collection of Burberry Prorsum on right and an editorial of the Dutch ELLE April 2012 in the middle. A fine, neutral selection of inspiration and thoughts.

DESIGN | Blend x vanMOOF

As a citizen of Holland, I am forced by the government to ride a bicycle. Just kidding, but I do ride it a lot. When tourists visit Amsterdam for the first time, they are often amazed by the amount of biking people. Without helmets, which is regular in America, without any form of protection really. Biking is in our blood, we all learn it. It is part of the education, of the national identity. If that even exists. My favourite magazine Blend teamed up with biking brand Vanmoof for a brilliant bike. The frame in black and white, the simplicity and the symmetry makes me want to jump on immediately. I know that this is old news, not even old but really dinosaur-old, but the lightweight bike is still on my mind. A small piece of me just needs to crave for things sold out, impossible or a combination of those factors...

EDITORIAL | The Edge of the World

ph / Fashion Gone Rogue

I really enjoyed the clean, fresh look of new face Kat Cordts, styled in Greek labels but Max Mara, Maison Martin Margiela and Cheap Monday as well. The architectural edge in the outdoor setting gives the editorial that little bit extra. Small detail: it must be hard to shoot one editorial with three different 'Dimitris'...

Photography | Dimitris Skoulos
Model | Kat Cordts
Styling | Dimitra Spyropoulou
Hair and make-up | Dimitris Giannetos

MUSIC | Gary Clark Jr.

The reincarnated version of Jimi Hendrix. The love-baby from Lenny Kravitz and Mick Jagger, if they weren't straight. It is not an easy task to compete with the biggest guitar Gods of the planet. Let’s face it: Gary Clark jr. is not just some guitar player getting famous. With the large pressure of ancestors Hendrix and Morrison on his shoulders, he once was the great hidden local treasure of Austin. But not anymore.

He was born with his sunglasses on, rocking steady on an Epiphone (you heard that right), nodding his head up and down to the unheard rhythm of his solo. Gary Clark jr. is quite an appearance. The first time I heard his stunning guitar riffs was when I stumbled across a related video on YouTube. His easy-going rock songs, brilliant live performance and nonchalance form a firm base for success. For example the song ‘Bright Lights’, that has it all. Trapped yourself on whistling the melody from the chorus? You are not the only one.

De gereïncarneerde versie van Jimi Hendrix. De liefdesbaby van Lenny Kravitz en Mick Jagger, voor zover dat mogelijk is. De evenknie van Eric Clapton. Het is niet makkelijk om het op te moeten nemen tegen de gevestigde Guitar Gods van deze aarde. Gary Clark Jr. heeft echter alles in zich om in het rijtje Jimmy Reed, Kurt Cobain en BB King te worden geplaatst. Nog amper doorgebroken, alleen bekend onder een handjevol diehards, maar vol belofte. 

Meneer is geboren met een zonnebril op, rocking steady op een Epiphone (ja, Epiphone), knikkend op de stille maat van zijn gigantische solo. Zonder ijdel of hooghartig te zijn, oké, misschien met een vleugje nonchalance dat niet verward mag worden met arrogantie. Gary Clark jr. is de grote festivalbelofte van komende zomer. Zijn bescheiden hit ‘Bright Lights’ staat garant voor het urenlang onbewust neuriën van de riffs uit het pakkende refrein. Hoe hij zich op Crossroads festival in het zweet staat te werken, met dat rauwe randje en een flinke overdrive, dat is muziek van de toekomst.

DESIGN | City of Triangles

ph / Lisa Galesloot

You might know her name, her photography, her style. Lisa Galesloot has been the personal photographer for the blog AfterDRK quite some time now. I was curious to see what kind of artist there would be behind the photography. Bingo! Lisa has some amazing projects on her online portfolio, from backstage shots from the Iris van Herpen show till photocollages with fashion forecasts for 2015. I also spotted this triangular project. As you might know, the triangle appeals to me because of its simplicity. Lisa's first portfolio post is this one, called 'High relief' from 2008. These handmade paper landscapes form an abstract city,  a forrest, a crowd. They form whatever you want to see in them. I would love having these pieces of art in my livingroom, but I have no idea were to put such a massive installation. Maybe in my next castle..?

TREND | Givenchy's Septum

ph / Dazed and Confused Magazine, April 2012

Ever felt like a nose-breathing, angry bull? I must say that the septum piercing-trend, launched by Givenchy's A/W 2012 men's show, is one of my awkward favourites. AnOther Magazine supported this alienating perception and put the smallest of the noserings as 'Most Loved Product'. It is a Russian-inspired, Hermitage-like jewel on it's own, but tough and shiny like heaven in a total look. No fan of a pierced nose? The septum-bags from the old Nowhere-collection by Elin Kling have the same idea, but different effect.

MIX-AND-MATCH | Dries van Noten Coat

I've tried some cutting and pasting - not that much of a fan of the digital revolution, would rather cut with a real pair of scissors - to create a mix-and-match with Dries van Noten's best minimalistic trick: the coat from the S/S 2012 show. I like combining several different materials together, but that is not an easy task with prints. We saw loads of jungle-inspired flowers and sceneries, but I like the simple coats with black-and-white prints best. Unfortunately, I can only find it in several editorials all over magazines and the world wide web, but not for sale anymore.

Coat, Dries van Noten - Leather Biker Vest, MMM - Fur Gilet, MMM
Plastic Pump, Topshop - Coat, Dries van Noten - Clear Raincoat, Topshop
Two-toned Denim, Surface to Air - Black and White Bag, 3.1 Philip Lim - Coat, Dries van Noten

FILM | Yang Li

text / ELLE

"Li sees his collection, dubbed Zero Hour, as an exercise in subtle rebellion. Classic shirts have been sliced down the back and stapled together with a single stitch; jacket sleeves lopped off; hem lengths dropped. “It’s this idea of the inner punk: In this day and age, it’s no longer shocking or intelligent to react with something deemed ‘shocking,’ ” Li says. “Rather than wearing a Metallica shirt or a biker jacket, to me it’s more punk if a young person wears a double-face garment or a T-shirt that’s cut open in the back, you know?

INTERIOR | Simplistic Palma

ph/Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Bumped into this wonderful series of architecture from Palma, Spain. Still charm and youthful pulse come together in the minimalistic graphics of shops, galleries and other simple styled places around the heart of Spanish Catholicism. The re-use of churches and cathedrals, without losing the original beauty and respect for old crafts, is very well done. One of the wishes on a long, long list is a church, old factory or any other specific building to restyle and live in. These pictures are a fine source of inspiration, thanks to Norm Architects.

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