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Imagine me, with sleepy eyes at half past six in the morning, preparing todays post for FreshFix. Wanting to share the amazing Spanish film impresiones [de arquitectura], I click on embedded and copy and paste the code to Blogger. Wait. Go back. Error. I am not allowed to embedded this brilliant piece of architecture on my blog! Next best thing: some screenshots and more important, the golden link.

This movie by Spanish agency impresiones [de arquitectura] shows Museo ABC, a brewery in Madrid that’s been converted into a museum by Spanish architects Arranguren & Gallegos. “Impresiones [de arquitectura] is a multidisciplinary platform that has the goal of communicating architecture through image. We collaborate in the design process and graphic creation, transmitting contents and acting as a link with media and diffusion networks."

In short: Museo ABC is an underground museum, triangular maze, steel kingdom and hidden treasure chest in one! Because of the effects and minimalistic style, these three minutes are also a must-see if you're not so into architecture. There is simply no excuse!

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