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ph / Annemarieke van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands, November 2012

Flashback to the nineties, when logo's couldn't be bold enough and the underground venues were filled with uncovered bellies and Palazzo pants. This attempt of modernism in the deserted wasteland of the (not so tropical) islands of Holland is mesmerizing. Makes me want to book a one-way ticket to endless beaches under heavy clouds. And now the main question: To crop or not to crop? I have to answer with no. Don't want to miss out on all the good things of December (FOOD).

BLOGROLL | spare time virtuosity

Camilleovertherainbow | Camille, Paris
Oh yes. She is definitely a 'blogger-blogger'. She owns a pair of the classic Nike Free Runs, was one of the first to rock the baggy leather pants and has ongoing legs that are on everybody's wishlist. The half-French, half-British Camille also has 'it', the unknown chromosome that adds a little bit of extra nowness to every outfit. She is my latest find in the blogosphere, and certainly a source of inspiration.

LizaChloe | Liza Chloe, Paris/Amsterdam
With her easy sense of style and typical Dutch sense of functionality, Liza Chloe is living the dream in Paris. Her always surprising face-expressions mismatch her sober outfits in a fun way. And what's not to love when dark lips, high buns and Margiela's garments are spread over the pages? Liza's blog is worth a stop-by for anyone who needs dynamism and energy in greyscale.

The Haute Pursuit | Vanessa Hong, Beijing/HongKong/New York
Since my new hair length is completely based on some pictures of The Haute Pursuit I showed my hairdresser, Vanessa couldn't be left out in this top five. I adore her effortless basics, the simple and natural posing and did I already mention her hair? I dare to say that The Haute Pursuit has an even amount of the 'Cool Kid'-factor as A. Wang. Bang!

WeHaveNoStyle | Iris and Daniel, San Diego, California
Iris and her 'spouse in style' Daniel have the refreshening perspective and in-deep analyses that everybody should take a sip off now and then. Their blog is radical different from the well-known lay-outs and combines old with new, eclecticism and optical illusions with innovative techniques. It contains all the miracles of Photoshop you never thought you would ever be using...

WeThePeople | Jessie Bush, Sydney
I prefer the honest and personal take that Jessie has been taking lately. I want more of her cropped hair, mesmerizing travels to Paris and Asia, more of her short trousers and heels mix. She has the talent to capture the most unusual mixtures of people, clothing and accessories. Always under the burning Aussie sun.

MY PICKS | resort collections pre-fall 2013

ph /, collage by me

Imagine me behind a sowing machine. Had a good laugh?This will be my (nearby) future, so I'd better absorb some inspiration from the latest Resort collections for Pre-Fall 2013. God, 2013 is almost here, and it keeps getting better! My picks are obviously on the greyscale, even though the collections contain loads of the darkest burgundies and blacks, hitting the gothic side of the colour spectrum.

I went for the other end, full of camels (the colour, not the animal), faded whites, washed out pinks and a good old jersey knit. I could write poems on the lovebaby of camel and grey. The masculine and oversized shapes are here to stay (did they ever leave?), but adjusted with lower, feminine necklines. Interesting to wear when negotiating about higher wages without losing yourself on the tacky side (leopard and push-up bra's, rawrr). I kept pasting pictures in the collage, but it looked like some kind of Paint-art. So I left the best ones out... See Philip Lim, Calvin Klein and Diesel Black Gold for yourself here.

From left to right: Narcisco Rodriguez, Bottega Veneta, Alexander Wang, Reed Krakoff, Proenza Schouler

INSPIRATION | lazy sunday

ph / Mugler Resort 2013, C. Maxwell Morris, Sophie Gerber by Ben & Zie

"I think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion." — Yohji Yamamoto

Asymmetry, natural irrelevance, unexpected behavior. Against all odds, silent rebellion. These three pictures got stuck in my head to never disappear. Just a slight adjustment, such an innovative perspective. Have a great Sunday!

COLOUR PALETTE | a shred of blue

ph / various Tumblrs + own

What's your favourite colour? Standard question in the endless list of 'favourites' in friendship books. After my favourite pet (dinosaur), my favourite job-to-be (opera singer/lifeguard/animal vet) and favourite music (Spice Girls, no doubt about that), there was the colour-drama. White and black are no colours, holographic does not exist in rainbows and neither is glitter. So I ended up with blue. As with Van Gogh, I also had my blue periods. Sometimes it was greyish blue, as a cloudy day in February. Sometimes I liked blue jokes more. But Comme des Garçons Rei Kawakubo got me into this kobalt blue shade. My new favourite.

DESIGNER | ricardo dourado

Something captivating, bright orange with hints of shimmering silver. Something contrasting, a mixture of massive inks and unadorned tunics. Something so rugby, Asian and punk all-in-one. That something is Ricardo Dourado.

His tumblr shows gifs from his latest 2013's show, self-portraits in the back of a posh looking car, grunge-influences in bright colours and random poetry about deconstruction. Does it provide a clear view on the man himself? No, but it helps understanding his fascination with odd movements and inconvenient combinations.

The Spring show is based on the orange used for prisoner's coveralls, as well is the inspiration for the giant tattoos. Angry eagles spread their wings on the chests of tough looking males, walking up and down the catwalk in black New Balance sneakers. I imagine an accompanying hardcore beat, full of anger and rage. Shirts are rather oversized and the three-quarter length pants also don't come in size S. Best part are the leather coverups, clearly inspired on bullet proof vests. Top it off with a sceptum and a wall of barbed wire, and you just got a step closer to the Dourado's thinking process.

UPDATE | the time of must-do's is over

It seems like ages ago since I logged in on Blogger! My pile of to-do's and must-do's grew until it hit the ceiling, and finally disappeared when I passed my stylebook assignment last week. Not to mention the fights with copyshops I got into... (When do you need the book to be printed? Eh, like now?). It took me glue, sweat and almost tears, but it is worth the extra spare time afterwards. Time well spent! Radiohead's I Might Be Wrong somewhere in the background, hours of crawling under the warm blankets of a double bed and a thin layer of snow covering the streets. So far my Yoko Ono Plastic World. I will spend every minute from now on behind a sewingmachine, since I have to deliver a prototype dress for the institute and I can only work with plastics. Nineties PVC-dress, I hear you thinking? Things always end up 180 degrees from my original plan, so we'll see.

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