TOP LOOKS | December

Marie tends to get easily decent. It fits perfectly on this shy, best girl in class. But there are some details that make this outfit interesting, like the long sweater, the folded bag and the great heels. Not something I would instantly wear, but on this girl, it feels like coming home.

2 Josefin Arestav via Fashion Sphere
I discovered this lady only a day ago, while surfing and blogging through the giant web. I stumbled across her blog, with theatrical shoots and heavy make-up. She seems a new goth, with an incredible original style. The layering does the trick here.

3 Aimee via Song of Style
Aimee is also a layering-expert, but more on the colours than the materials. No problem, because with this combination of red and denim, pink and studs, she does make it to the Top Looks of December. She has the sort of elegance that could be more important than the actual clothing. It looks like she's put it negligent on in five minutes. Careless, and that is quite tough.

4 Unknown via JAK&JIL, Paris
Just a shot from someone passing by. I was attracted by the small print on the blouse. Naked persons, rolled up in a foetusposition. A piece of art, printed on a piece of clothing. All black can't go wrong, safe but stylish.

LIST | Top 3 Male Editorials

Another one to still your list-o-mania hunger. I present you the most amazing male editorials of the year 2011. Click on the link for more stunning shots. Still hungry?

DIESEL Black Gold | 10 Men Magazine
Keywords: collage, nature, graphical, simple, architecture.

LOST in the Shadows | "The Sensual Issue” of Fiasco magazine
Keywords: androgynous, dark, details, leather, caging.

CHARLIE Le Mindu | at Paris Fashion Week
Keywords: backstage, exotic, extravagant, wild, indian, bombastic.


The armour of beetles, the softness of calf-leather, the naturals. Inspiration comes from the corners of my mind, where I am supposed to look twice to find something usable. A sliced shot of a new editorial from Oyster Magazine, some of The Fashion Spot, loads from Tumblr. Serendipity is revolution, or at least someday will be.

LIST | Top 3 Interviews

As days go by, the official countdown shouts that there's not much time left. 2011 felt like a breath, it disappeared as soon as it began. De last week of the year is noticed because of its lists, so here's one to feed your listomania-hunger. Need more?

The Future of Fashion |
"It’s inconceivable to me that someone creative can have a new idea every two months. Because if I have one new idea in a year, I thank heaven. I pray, I do everything, but God doesn’t always give me ideas. That’s why I’m always late with the collection."

An Intellectual Fashion, Rick Owens | AnOther Magazine
"Everybody probably has their own definition of elegance. Personally, I’ve seen some pretty transgressive fashion that was elegant in its wit or exuberance. I think everyone would agree that elegance is the most desirable part of fashion."

'Black is perfect...', Ann Demeulemeester | The Independent
"For me, Gothic is something from my youth, when I had a heavy metal phase. It's too easy to say that orange is happy and black is sad. To me, black is perfect. You can fill it with the emotion you want to express. My work has always been about authentic feeling, and I think we live in a time where we need that."

EDITORIAL | Japanese do it better

Mixing black & white shots with dark colour photographs, Hedi Slimane captures a quietly seductive Karlie Kloss for the February 2012 issue of Vogue Japan. By wearing pieces by Yves Saint Laurent and Chloé, stylist Mika Mizutani puts together an elegant wardrobe of lively dresses mixed up with grungy boots for this simplistic yet stunning editorial.

Model | Karlie Kloss
Photography | Hedi Slimane
Fashion editor | Mika Mizutani
Magazine | Vogue Japan February 2012

QUOTE | Deep

STYLE FILE | Barbara Mortelo

FreshFix unravels the mystery behind established style icons as Yasmin Sewell and Taylor Tomasi Hill. In this episode, let me introduce the amazing Barbara Martelo.

This 32-year old fashion icon styles shoots and works behind the scenes with Vogue Spain. Even though she can go wild on the styling, her own style comes with very few accessories and colour. You could call her a tough love, the tomboy with a great sense of fashion. She has a weak spot for leather pants, rockchic like Balmain, and blazers, tons of blazers. I like a woman who emits a certain strength, without overpushing it. Barbara is definitely not a one day fly, but here to stay. Not being a trendhopper, she stays close with her simple, but incredibly empowering rocklook.

FreshFix ontrafelt de mysteries achter de grootste style iconen in een reeks miniportretten. Na grootheden Yasmin Sewell en Taylor Tomasi Hill is het vandaag de beurt aan Barbara Martelo.

Deze 32-jarige topstylist klust behind the scenes een beetje bij met als opdrachtgever Vogue Spanje. Niet de minste zullen we maar zeggen. Barbara kan losgaan met accessoires in shoots, maar houdt het voor zichzelf vrij eenvoudig. Je kunt haar uittekenen in een leren broek, simpel Alexander Wang t-shirt en een fijn blazertje voor wat extra powerrr. Ik gok dat een flinke derde van haar kledingkast bestaat uit pieces van Balmain, die haar liefde voor vuig, stoer en leer deelt. Ik vind het mooi als een vrouw een zekere kracht uitstraalt, zonder dit er duimendik bovenop te leggen. Barbara is absoluut geen ééndagsvlieg met haar tijdloze stijl en classics. Ze houdt vast aan haar leren broeken, tenminste, zolang dat nog esthetisch verantwoord is...

Also in the serie STYLE FILE:
Yasmin Sewell
Taylor Tomasi Hill
Lucy Williams

MERRY | Christmas

LIST | Top 3 interiors

As days go by, the official countdown shouts that there's not much time left. 2011 felt like a breath, it disappeared as soon as it began. De last week of the year is noticed because of its lists, so here's one to feed your listomania-hunger. A world of difference, when you look at my tiny room and the penthouses the Coveteur shows. I would copy these exactly into my own interior. What you see is just a teaser, the real beauty shows when you click on it.

Katie Ciepluch | Fashion Director, New York

Michelle Ochs | Cofounder; Designer, Cushnie et Ochs. New York

Carly Cushnie | Co-Founder; Designer, Cushnie et Ochs. New York

DESIGN | Japanese origami

"I wondered what would happen if the walls were to keep growing upwards and present an uneven surface like 'pleats'. Pleats resemble a tree in the way that they spread out and capture the sun and I felt that they would produce a bright, impressive exterior. I also thought that the space beneath this surface would present a relaxed atmosphere, similar to that of tree shade that would be an ideal quality for an exhibition space."

How about a joint 'woooow? You could argue that the Bloomberg Pavilion Project of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, is just a fancy white box. To me, it is more than that. Designed by Akihisa Hirata, this white 'thing' forms an incredible contrasts with its surrounding. This is the haute couture in design, the unrealistic, not-livable housing. I have no clue what the measurements are, but I will ask sir Hirata very friendly if he can make a villa out of it.
He sure is an artist with a feeling for raw materials. He can easily make upside down pyramids from a pile of concrete, chairs from recycled paper, or this white box inspired by origami. If you have a weak spot for architecture with an eye for light and lots of white, he is your man.

Kom maar op met die 'waaauw'. Deze witte box, alias het Bloomberg Pavilion Project van het Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, is meer dan wat simpele lijntjes. Designer Akihisa Hirata heeft er een waar kunstwerk van gemaakt. Het origami-sculptuur staat in schril contrast met de drukke, vieze stad die je op de achtergrond ziet. Dit is de haute couture onder de gebouwen, de crème de la crème van de bouwwerken. Ik heb hier geen afmetingen van, maar het ziet er niet erg bewoonbaar uit. Gelukkig heeft meneer Hirata een architectenbureau waarmee hij zo een grotere versie uit de grond stampt. Net zo gemakkelijk tovert hij pyramides (ondersteboven) uit beton en stoelen uit gerecycled papier. Magisch als je een zwak hebt voor licht en luchtig.

IN THE MOOD | For Christmas

After days and days of working my ass off, I could say I am enjoying my mini-break. We are lacking a christmas tree this year, after hanging it upside-down on the ceiling and taping it on the wall, so I am also lacking the christmas mood. I haven't seen a cheesy movie, in which Santaclaus turns out to be an alien and I haven't yet walked through the crispy snow, because not even an inch has fallen down. It just doesn't feel like a regular christmas. So, to pump up the christmas mood, I want you to meet the 'La Playlist de l'Avent' from the French Vogue. It shows an advent calendar by the well-known editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt. Every day until christmas, a window opens up with a cheesy old song in it. At least there is the cheesy part of christmas! Enjoy David Bowie, Blondie and of course the noticed WHAM.


Dazed and Confused tends to do everything just out of the box. This is an fantastic example of the odd shoots they often have. Pure art, less fashion.

Dazed and Confused | Ex Stasis
Photographer | Matthew Stone
Models | Mariacarla Boscono, Saskia de Brauw, Kasia Struss, Lea T.
Styling | Katy England

FILM | Various

Le Désir. Desire. Mmm. One subject, multiple personalities. This Fashion Gone Rogue-exclusive is stunning, even though the only subject in picture is a black and white girl. It is the lighting, the subtle shine on her lips and maybe the font. I consider myself guilty on typography-ology.

Le Désir. Desire. Verlangen. Eén onderwerp, meerdere persoonlijkheden. Dit filmpje van editorial-grootheid Fashion Gone Rogue is fantastisch, ook al is dit meisje in simpel zwart en wit het enige wat je ziet. Ligt het aan de manier van licht, de subtiele glans die om haar lippen ligt? Of is het gewoon het Elle-lettertype? Eén minuut een-en-vijftig. Voor een lettertype. Ik ben schuldig aan typografie-ologie.

Collaborations mostly show best of two worlds. In this case, guest Oracle Fox in front of the lens from VBY.TB. VBY is a website showcasing the works and collaborations of Taylor and Sybil Steele in photography, travel, film, fashion, music videos and community. But, there is more, in a scoop-ish way. Read on for more news concerning Oracle Fox!

Samenwerkingen brengen het beste van twee werelden samen. Zoals in dit filmpje, waarin Mandy Shadforth van blog Oracle Fox zich voor de lens waagt van Taylor en Sybil Steele. Samen vormen die VBY.TV, een online portfolio van fotografie, film, muziek en mode. Maar, er is nog veel groter nieuws op het gebied van de voorspellende vos. Lees hieronder meer!

...Mandy is lately abiding in Hawaii for another collaboration with surfbrand Billabong. "For the collaboration I drew upon my more bohemian, organic surfer girl side. Growing up by the sea with all my girlfriends, we had an entire lifestyle that revolved around surfing and having fun and we pretty much still do. The pieces I co-designed with Billabong encompass that freedom and the kind of pieces I'd wear for that lifestyle, whether it's a cute knit over a bikini or a pair of leather type shorts and t-shirt that you could dress up for a casual night out with my friends."

...Mandy is namelijk in Hawaii voor een andere samenwerking met het well-known surfmerk Billabong! De capsule collection bevat veel bohemian, organische en biologische kledingstukken. "De kleding die ik samen met Billabong heb ontworpen belichaamt vrijheid. Het zijn de kledingstukken die ik zelf graag draag, of het nou een grofgebreide trui over een bikini is of een leren short en een t-shirt die je casual draagt voor een avondje met vrienden." Ik wacht in spanning af...

Did you notice my fascination with online magazines? First I showed you F&A, then the digital version of Hunger, and next up is Ilovefake. This short video accompanies an editorial about a Brittish lad. His I-don't-give-a-fuck-attitude, the laid back feeling and the edgy, raw material show how unpolished Ilovefake is. Simple and pure.

Liet ik jullie eerder al kennismaken met online magazine F&A, Ilovefakemagazine kan er absoluut ook wat van getuige dit filmpje. Deze typisch Britse lad steekt een middelvinger op naar de wereld met zijn nonchalante puberhouding. Een heerlijk luchtige lading met simpele, edgy beelden.

WISHLIST | December

It's christmas everyday! This is my never-ending wishlist with impossible products. I am the one among your friends that always has to fall madly in love with the sold-out items. The metal can is already in my possession, but I haven't opened it yet. It was a present from my boyfriend, but it's up to me if and when I open it. There is much going on and when you open a can, with all luck in the world you won't ever close it again. What could be possible in it? It isn't heavy, it isn't very large, it sounds like dry macaroni. Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma...

1 Bjorg Earcuffs | Brilliant when you're in the mood for some fluffy unicorn-fun.
2 Topshop Ambush Boots | Sold out forever, but you never know, Santa's got magical powers.
3 Metal can | My boyfriend gave one to me with something inside. It's up to me when I open it. I am thrilled...
4 Lodis iPad Case | I am one of those iPad-lacking people, but this case can easily make me smile.
5 Dazed and Confused Magazine | One issue of that one, an subscription to that one. I admit my addiction to magazines.
6 Jimmy Choo Cup Sleeves | Coffee-a-go-go, but with that little touch of luxury added.
7 Untitled, perfume by Martin Margiela | My simple thought: the campaign was amazing, so the perfume should smell amazing too.
8 Acne Shearling Jacket | ...or any other acne jacket.
9 Alexander Wang 'Kirsten' Bag | I've seen knock-offs on Nelly, but the real deal keeps me going.

AFW | Amsterdam Fashion Week Schedule

No, you cannot exactly compare Amsterdam Fashion Week with it's mates in Paris, Milan or New York. Nevertheless we give it a shot. From the 25th of January till my birthday, the 29th, the lovely Dutch canals form the runway for talented Dutch designers and business chitchatting. I am especially interested in the runwayshow of INDIVIDUALS, since I hope studying at their AMFI next year.

De gezellige Amsterdamse grachten (inclusief dronken Engelse toeristen) vormen begin volgend jaar het podium voor (on)ontdekt Nederlands talent. Van 25 januari tot het hoogtepunt van het jaar, mijn verjaardag, vind je in en rondom de hoofdstad torenhoge hakken, kleurige rokjes en vooral veel, eh- fietsen. Nee, AFW haalt het nog niet bij modecollega's in Milaan, New York en Londen, maar we kunnen het allicht proberen toch?

Wednesday January 25
18:00 | Fashion Week Opening Night
19:00 | LG presents Sjaak Hullekes | Catwalk
21:00 | Vodafone presents Bas Kosters | Catwalk

Thursday January 26
11:00 | Jivika Biervliet & Sarena Huizinga | Fashion Week LAB
13:00 | ADO LES SCENTS by HUN YEU | Salon
14:00 | Melissa Siegrist Bravoure | Fashion Week LAB
15:00 | INDIVIDUALS | Salon
17:00 | Furansu & Nieuw Jurk | Fashion Week LAB
18:00 | Grazia presents Elise Kim | Catwalk
20:00 | Marije de Haan & Winde Hienstra | Fashion Week LAB
21:00 | Mobile Provider SIZZ presents Spijkers & Spijkers | Catwalk

Friday January 27
10:00 | Pitch Meeting | AFW Business Programme
13:00 | Fashion Fasterclass | AFW Business Programme
14:00 | Clarks presents Jacob Kok | Salon
16:00 | Clarks presents .MARLOESBLAAS. | Salon
16:00 | Creating Sustainable Change with Made-By | AFW Business Programme
17:00 | Launch of the Green Collective | AFW Business Programme
18:00 | Grand Finale: The Green Fashion Competition Opening by Elsien Gringhuis
21:00 | Cast Iron | Catwalk

Saturday January 28
14:00 | Vodafone Firestarters Traveling talkshow | AFW Business
15:00 | Eyes and More presents Custo Barcelona | Salon
16:00 | Vodafone Firestarters Traveling talkshow | AFW Business
18:00 | Tony Cohen for DSM | Catwalk
21:00 | Volvo presents Gestuz | Catwalk

Sunday January 29
13:00 | Erny van Reijmersdal | Salon
15:00 | REDKEN 5TH Avenue NYC presents Jan Boelo | Salon
17:00 | Fashioncheque presents Monique Collignon | Catwalk
21:00 | LM Flower Fashion presents Dennis Diem & Said Mahrouf | Catwalk

WORDS | Simplicity

ph/Patrik Lindell


How wonderful is this editorial, in which the editor took cut-outs into a natural setting. No digital studio-ornaments but a real set designer, cutting the cardboard into men high details. The black and white on the typical cardboard-brown works pretty well. This could be the best I've seen lately, old school handcrafts mixed with high-end design. Thumbs up!

Fashion Gone Rogue | Cut & Paste
Photographer | David K. Shields
Model | Stella Maxwell
Fashion Editor/Stylist | Chris Lorimer
Set Design | Dion Boothby


While the terrible stormy weather pollutes my view, Internet does a better job. I've selected five personal favourites of the blogosphere. Don't lose yourself in christmas-preperations, just take some time off. Sit down with a hot chai latte for some scrolling trough this inspiration handed to you on a silver plate...

Ik leef als een kluizenaar met alle deuren dicht en de gordijnen gesloten. De treurige regen vervuilt mijn vrolijke beeld. Gelukkig is internet een raam naar de wereld, met prachtige foto's van oorden waar het wél altijd zonnig is en random publiek altijd rondhuppelt in de mooiste designerclothing. Stop met het optuigen van de kerstboom (die lichtjes lopen niet weg) en het onmogelijke inpakwerk van die fles wijn: ga er even goed voor zitten. Chai latte erbij en scrollen maar, door al dit internationale moois. Zo voor je opgediend op een zilveren schaal, om een beetje in de kerstsfeer te blijven...

Evangelie | Styleheroine

Alicja Zielasko | Alice Point

Vanessa Hong | The Haute Pursuit

Carolina Engman | Fashion Squad

Denni | The Chicmuse

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