WISHLIST | december II

ph / Personal

It feels so incredibly materialistic and displeased to make a wishlist. I am blessed with a caring family, the best boyfriend I could ever hoped for and an challenging education in fashion. However, listing things is such a nice spare time thingy (even if I should be working on school)!

1. Minimalism in Fashion book | Minimal life, maximal inspiration!
2. Daniijo iPhone case | I am still wandering around with a rubber 'chocolate'-case.
3. 360volt Tripod | The vintage tripod that will suit my home-to-be perfectly!
4. Iittala Vitriine | To store my precious jewelry, or keys, or... 
5. Elephant Magazine | Collecting anything independent. Industrie, Frame, Surface!
6. HAY Kaleidoscope | Brilliant displays to mix-and-match.
7. Zara City bag | Since my other bags keep giving up.
8. M.A.C. Matte nude/burgundy lipstick | For long-lasting kisses on my boyfriend's cheek.
9. Lightningfactory perforated wallet | Delicate, simple and hand-made. 

EDITORIAL | Wait and see

ph / Nicole Maria Winkler for Volt Magazine

Oh, how subtle are the details. Hidden in a remarkable fabric (do I spot Tyvek?), shown through minimalistic accessory and noticed in the play with light and colour. There is a modern grunge-appeal throughout the visuals, from the grumpy attitude to her elongated, messy hair. A distance, a "no I won't". Volt Magazine did a brilliant job, in my honest opinion.

FILM | Phoebe English

SHOWstudio presents | Phoebe English AW2012

As I am dealing with looking for my style in every aspect of today, I developed a more clear vision on historical themes used as reference in advertising, fashion and film. In this Phoebe English short clip, the mirrored, kaleidoscopic feeling is attractive, next to the fact that she uses surrealistic effects throughout the film. How clever is the shot with the two black head-pieces? It draws the attention to the upper half of the body, while the proportion and scale is lost. Take your little lost moment today to see what SHOWstudio have come up with and be impressed!

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