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As the discussion on street style as circus has died down, the debate on trends has also come to an end. For the half-yearly ELLE style bible for this season, Fashion Director Esther Coppoolse wrote an interesting introduction on trends. Let me share a quote.

'Trends are not what they used to be. Once, it was so simple: a trend was born, reached its highest level, faded and disappeared. Today, we can categorize style as following: HITS (short-craved items), TRENDS (styles that last for one season), TENDENCIES (styles that last multiple seasons, on the catwalks as well as on the streets), CLASSICS (items or styles that get reinvented), SURPRISES (your personal distinctive features). Together, they form 'The Wheel of Style'. Give it a spin for a unique and personal interpretation of your style.'

I remember the age of thirteen, when I exactly knew which artists were on top of the weekly changing music lists. I grew up, lost my passion for soaking up new melodies and focused on the science of fashion. But I still kept my madness for remembering lists and odd facts. It-bags, low-budget alternatives, Japanese webshops: name it. I was in stage where I recognized Zara clothing on television (please, everybody does that. no?), filled Tumblr-pages with 'inspiration of coolness' and added semi-interesting quotes to my MSN-account. But MSN is no longer here. And neither is the old me. Holding onto 'being on trend' does not say anything about style.

AMFI tries to teach me to carefully select and curate items on value instead of added value. If I look around in class, I just see black. Not one of the forecasted 'trends'. I am struggling with finding clothing articles that suit me, and fit my identity. Because it makes me wondering what this identity might be. At the same time, clothes are just stupid pieces of cloth. I think the fashion industry has won another soul...


Specks of sunlight break the glass barrier that divide here from there. Fingertips follow the deep grieves of the creaking wooden floor.
Past tense transforms into sentences that echo in space.
The walls exhale a collective memory of thoughts
and whispers and glowing in the dark.
Amsterdam dresses down, until there is nothing more
than skin and skin and skin.

I've been soaking up inspiration from our new home on one of the Amsterdam canals. My inspiration folder explodes from monochrome interiors, pictures of cactuses and wall decoration like this collage. Even though it's far from finished, a piece of me already feels home there. There is so much to be discovered, I feel like an adventurer in my own street. I guess I could say 'Welcome home' now.



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