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TOP LOOKS | August

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1 Lisa via CarolinesMode
Just recovering from visiting Lowlands, the only thing I saw this weekend were babes dressed like this. Dark shades, textured leather bags everywhere, nonchalance in their hairstyles and workerboots. I couldn't resist Lisa, she takes me back to the mud and grunge of a festival.

2 Natalie via WeThePeople
The following quote says it all: "While we were shooting, Natalie attracted a small posse of young girls who watched in awe from the grass. As we were leaving, a young girl came up to Natalie and asked in a whisper, 'Excuse me, are you a movie star?'. Too cute."

3 Marie from MarieTales
This outfit couldn't be more simple, just a black skirt, just a boring grey tee, just a collar. But the combination, wow, I'm drooling!

4 Djuna Bel
I absolutely couldn't decide which look I had to choose from the amazing stylist Djuna Bel. Expect loads of pictures very soon, because all of her outfits are crazy. Simplistic but cool, feminine with an edge. Even though most of the time she's styling other people, Closet Visit got to take a look in her closet in an interview.

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