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LFW | Topshop Unique A/W '12

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Leather dungarees, velvet boiler suits, full-length military coats: Unique by Topshop's new collection is all about utility dressing gone glamorous. Grungy leather turned out to be sexy, lace-up army boots are not only to walk in the mud with and low-slung skirts tried to break the military look a bit. The Topshop Unique Show was one-of-a-kind, and moreover wearable to pieces.

Structure plus slouch minus glitter equals edgy. The main element in the show was the mixture of fabrics and prints instead of the silhouette. Soft wool combined with sculptured leather, sleek hair with a firm hat on top. Work- and outerwear are (just as intimate wear) good friends to layer with. Topshop kept it natural, with simple hairstyles and a minuscule touch of eyeliner. Together with the workerboots (no heel, no nonsense) the Unique show was one of the more realistic shows of the week. And no need for columns on how to buy 'from catwalk to closet', no, these clothing is actually affordable. Bring on the attitude and stand firmly to the ground. A middle finger to the regime and the Unique's message is clearly understood.

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