EDITORIAL | Layering like a Hero

ph / Andrew Vowles & John McCarty for Hero Magazine

Layering is often a keyword in trend forecastings. Top off your leather jacket with a woolen cape, bring an extra layer in by adding that collarpiece and well, if we're here anyway, let's put a waistcoat on top of it. This editorial does layering light. The brilliant use of a semi-transparent shirt brings more wit and play to men's fashion. I just can't help the associations with a mosquito net...


ph / originals by M2MALLETIER, collage by me

Autumn kicks in, and so is my urge for cocooning in thick woolen knits, accompanied by some goodies from M2MALLETIER. Melissa Losadaand and Marcela Velez stated that they were looking for the "ultimate balance" in day-to-day handbags. They came up with "the needle", a handle unlike any other that is inspired by medieval medical instruments. "We offset all that was classic with the handle's surrealist quality," Losada explains. "I guess that's what you get when you stare at iron rods all day." Wether it was used as painful teeth-remover or as a prothesis for your elbow, "the needle" looks best on a handbag a few hundred years later. Thank God for history!

DESIGN | Renewed Tumblr

ph / myself

My summer memories slowly start to fade and the woolen yarns surround my body. As the cold breath takes over, it is time to adjust your wardrobe. And in the same way a new wardrobe changes your personal atmosphere, it was time to recreate the vibe of my Tumblr. New coat, new dye, new design. Serendipity is Revolution has become more geometrical, graphical, personal. What is your opinion?

NATURE | From above

ph / Gerco de Ruijter

“Neither mine nor other people’s prospects seem particularly pleasing just at the moment, and I have fantasies of going to Iceland, never to return. As it is, I tell myself not to remember the past, not to hope or fear for the future, and not to think in the present, a comprehensive program that will undoubtedly have very little success." - Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey & Peter F. Neumeyer

In the middle of this ice-cold inspiration process (I am working on a research-project on Russian folklore...) these photographs of Gerco de Ruijter encourage me in my thinking. Distance, despair, suspicion, absence and anonymity are the keywords for both the mood of my subject as the photographs above. So, let's bring in the inspiration and toast with a bottle of vodka!

ART | Anish Kapoor

collage and last photograph / Personal

A small room. Concrete floor. White walls. A perfect round circle in the deepest purple on the floor. Flat. Just a circle, until someone puts her hand in there. The circle is no longer two-dimensional, but a hole in the floor. The effect of incorrect perception is one of the main themes that shows through the work of Anish Kapoor. And colour, from the brightest red that sucks you into a wall to the deepest blue, that doesn't reflect a thing because of the lack of pigment. 

I saw the incredible work of Anish Kapoor in museum De Pont in Tilburg last week. What seemed to be a giant room filled with mirrors that morph you into something alienating, was actually art. But not the only the artwork was impressive. De Pont is established in an old wool factory, including original red bricks, giant halls and brilliant lighting. Kapoor's incredible installations look even better in the industrial surrounding, too bad that Tilburg is for most of us not really what you call central... However, worth the endless train ride!

AMFI | Inspiration Book

ph / Personal

Excuse me, Inspiration Book, I guess I sort of underestimated you. Last Friday was the deadline of my first assignment on the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The past few weeks were a concatenation of sleepless nights, endless to-do lists, take away sushi and glue sticks allover the place. I have never put so much effort, heart and soul in something. This is the result, an A3-book with four themes; arrangement, alienation, spacious and anonymity. Each theme consists of several visuals, graphics and words, accompanied by captions that explain my vision and the connections between images. Work hard, play hard. But not without result: I passed!

STREETSTYLE | Pump up the volume

Ph / Diego Zuko Harper's Bazaar

Giovanna Battaglia and Elisa Nalin both went for shape and volume during Paris Fashion Week. The stiff materials form bulky shapes and boxy tops, which we saw in the spacious Balenciaga show last Fashion Week as well. I love how Giovanna spices up her simple grey dress with a colourful scarf and matching mirrorglasses. Elisa took it all away: multicoloured and multistriped. So, you have some good examples now. Throw your bodycon dresses away, bulky is the new sexy!

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