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I am back from my short wintersleep and I've got you a scoop. I recently bought myself the brand new first issue of Hunger Magazine. This could be the best deal of my life, with over three hundred glossy pages for in and about eight euros. The pages are filled with interesting interviews with newbies in the world of fashion, art, design and film. Mind an Alice Dellal, Olivia Williams and Dominic Cooper. All artistic people with wonderful quotes, accompanied by incredible portraits. Hunger does contain everything, from depth in words to talented illustrators. The first issue just came out and is available in the bigger bookstores, with two different covers. I bought mine at Selexyz at the Oudegracht in Utrecht. There is no need to wait untill the bookstores open tomorrow morning, you can enjoy yourself at Hunger TV in the mean time! The short movies are an additional extra to fulfill the crossmedia platform. Hunger Magazine is a great gift to put secretly under the christmas tree, which our livingroom unfortunately lacks...

Hunger Magazine | £4

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