TOP 5 | Shoes from this moment

1. Diane von Furstenberg | $395
2. Givenchy | $880
3. See by Chloé | $295
4. Camilla Skovgaard | $653
5. Alexander Wang | $525


Less talking, more celebrating! Today is my nineteenth birthday -which will be probably less exiting than experiencing my first driving lesson last year- but nevertheless great! When I was younger, I always thought being nineteen was the ultimate age for everything. The absolute best year of your life, for study, love, going out. I will update you in a year to examine the outcome of this little issue! For now, I will be enjoying today in every aspect. Cheers!

READ | Base Magazine

"Base is a triannual digital magazine featuring emerging and established talent from a wide variety of creative fields such as photography to creative writing and music, and aims to always bring new and raw talent to their readers. We represent good taste and those not afraid to think outside the box. We’re not going to feed you clichés and pretense, we’re just going to give you the good stuff."

Since I've been on tumblr, I followed neuewave. The girl is a young genius, filled with graphical goodies and an interesting taste in, well, in and about everything. Georgia is the editor of Base Magazine, a newbie in the online world of mags. With the second version still hot, the Magazine already developed since the first edition. It is amazing how a concept like this, with contribution from allover the world, can be created so well. I fell for the simple lining, the astonishing photography and raw styling.

Unfortunately, but completely understandable, Base Magazine is a triannual magazine. After browsing trough, I already felt the urge to visit Bases homepage to find a new jewel. This will be a daily addiction until the next magazine shows. A vicious circle, too good to escape from.

TOP LOOKS | January

1 Maria Van Nguyen via Vanillascented
I almost posted the whole outfit, from several angles, but I realized Top Looks should be about more than one outfit. The fabrics and colours combine so well, natural beauty in a nutshell. The coat is from Acne, as Maria is supposed to wear while she works over there. You can endlessly create new outfits with Acne's firm basic clothing. Must be heaven...

2 Anh via 9to5chic
Ahn, pronounced as On, has an effortless chic look. The hair, stuffed into the giant collar of the Zara sweater, the different hues from burgundy till beige, it just fits her. Peachy lipstick to complete the colourpalette, a major smile that reflects her kindness and ready to go. Please give me just a pound of her nonchalance.

3 Natalie Suarez via Natalie off duty
Natalie doesn't often wear something that appeals to me this much. Mostly it is too feminine, too romantic. But on flat boots, hidden behind this colossal fur coat, well, she might has stolen my fashion heart. And remember, all black is never wack. Even if the word 'wack' is quite 'wack'. Quack.

4 Sandra via 5inchandup
I showed you enough amazing outfitposts of Sandra, the genius behind 5inchandup. She has taken a short hiatus at the moment, so we have to be content with the candy she left us sooner. Alexander Wang, shiny and heroic. I don't know what I prefer most, the cape shoes or the white beach...

Do you want to see more Top Looks?

AFW | Fashion week starts now...

The Amsterdam Fashion Week starts tonight! And the best part is dat you can follow the highlights of the catwalk from behind your screen. Make sure you dress properly (but pyjama’s are also allowed). Would you rather be attending the fashionweek offline, but you are lacking invitations? AFW has got an amazing downtown program as well, with photography, store-openings and mass-runway shows. The official AFW streaming starts at 19:00 tonight, and all previous shows can be seen on their photo/video page. Just to refresh your minds, here is the schedule for tonight and tomorrow. You can find the complete schedule in this earlier post. I will visit the Ready To Fish show on Friday. Excited!

Wednesday January 25
18:00 | Fashion Week Opening Night
19:00 | LG presents Sjaak Hullekes | Catwalk
21:00 | Vodafone presents Bas Kosters | Catwalk

Thursday January 26
11:00 | Jivika Biervliet & Sarena Huizinga | Fashion Week LAB
13:00 | ADO LES SCENTS by HUN YEU | Salon
14:00 | Melissa Siegrist Bravoure | Fashion Week LAB
15:00 | INDIVIDUALS | Salon
17:00 | Furansu & Nieuw Jurk | Fashion Week LAB
18:00 | Grazia presents Elise Kim | Catwalk
20:00 | Marije de Haan & Winde Hienstra | Fashion Week LAB
21:00 | Mobile Provider SIZZ presents Spijkers & Spijkers | Catwalk

EDITORIAL | Style Transformer

Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong | Style Transformer
Photography | Tina Luther
Modeling | Beegee Margenyte
Styling | Christiane Graf
Hair and Makeup | Gregor Makris

ART | Bernadette Pascua

I recently spotted the amazing illustrated diary from Bernadette Pascua on the Freepeople blog. The illustrator is the mastermind behind Decade Diary, a chronicling past, present interests and future perspectives of a decade lived in New York City. I do not reckon her for the illustrations, but far more for her collages. They contain a sophisticated and unique take on fashion. Meet Bernadette, through the eyes of Freepeople.

"I love the constant flux that New York is in. It keeps a great balance of feeling like you are in your own world yet it brings people together in the most odd ways. There’s something magical about the way New York serendipitously brings people into your life. I love those moments of camaraderie New Yorkers can have, all of those chance encounters."

"Everyday is a big surprise. Each day is never the same for me, but I think the most typical day in NYC has to be the Sunday Brunch Day! It’s like an unspoken holiday of sorts that every New Yorker celebrates on the weekend. Waking up later, reading the paper and then going to a brunch with your boyfriend or friends. Then taking a walk around wherever you find yourself going."

"Right now my favorite coffee shop is Saturdays Surf in Soho. It’s on the way to my subway station going back into Brooklyn. It’s a surf shop that has a small counter in the front where coffee can be ordered, there is usually only one attractive guy working the coffee who spends a really long time making your drink, so it always turns out good. They have a casual backyard with simple benches for hanging out which is great in the summer. In the winter looking at all the Surf memorabilia sort of keeps your hopes up for some sun."

"I’ve been doing Decade Diary now since 2009, so four years now! It seems like a really long time but I’ve actually been doing projects similar to Decade since my teenage years. In High School I used to make a lot of xerox copied zines with my Illustrations and stories, and would send or trade them via snail mail. So blogging only seemed like the natural thing to do!"

LIVE | Woodkid

I know you are waiting for a longer article with more content, but I couldn't nót tell you about this incredible concert from Woodkid tonight. It is on top of the Eiffeltower in Paris, and you can follow the live streaming from the so called special engagement section from the Vice music network. It starts at 20:30, so make sure you are in front of your laptop right in time!

WORDS | Imaginary place

ph/Geoff J Kim

FOUND | Proenza

Lucky find, these two Proenza Shouler dresses with neon accents. Thanks to Areta Szpura (I can almost spell her name without having to look for it), the angular face of Tilda Swinton is brought together with these lovely dresses. I probably wasn't set up that way, but I personally believe that fashion is th embodiment of personality. In this case, the simple looking dresses match Tilda's feminine and masculine side perfectly.


Wow, I feel that FreshFix is climbing out the winterblues, with all these bright hues covering the homepage. First the Polish bloggers, next up the colourflash by Fashion Gone Rogue, en here is the new pre-fall Preen collection. I have to admit that I never liked Preen before. Too feminine, too happy, too pastel. Their last Spring/Summer collection contained pixelated prints, unfortunately in candy colours, but my interest was born. The art inspired cubism they used here is a beautiful and more subtle motif than some I've seen in the pre fall collections. Great hints and pops of colour, instead of the awful colourblocking trend that hit the cheapest stores. Fantastic shoulderpads in bright orange, classical prints on jersey sweaters and brilliant tailored trousers. Colour, used as a sauce to mix with the greyscales. Tasty.

FreshFix klimt uit het diepe, koude dal richting het minuscule streepje zonlicht. Als groot liefhebber van minimalistisch zwart en wit ben ik van het rechte pad af gegaan om jullie de kleurrijke Poolse bloggers, de fantastisch neon gekleurde editorial van Fashion Gone Rogue en nu ook de Pre-fall collectie van Preen te laten zien. Kleur ja, het werkt als een drug. Het moet er even uit, tot nu toe vond ik Preen eigenlijk niks. Die zoete modellen die kaarsrecht over een pastelkleurige catwalk liepen, met hun gezicht op huisvrouwen-uit-de-jaren-'30-stand. Die typische motiefjes, de keurige kokerrokken, de vrouwelijkheid. Totdat de S/S 2011 collectie opeens geïnspireerd was op pixels, het digitale tijdperk. Deze collectie komt nog dichter bij mijn smaak. De door kunst beïnvloedde strakke lijnen, als kusbisme en Mondriaan. Onverwachte felle kleuren, die het lijnenspel alleen maar versterken. Fantastische schouders in knaloranje, klassieke prints op sweaters en strak gesneden herenpantalons. Preen, you got me. You got me real good.

EDITORIAL | Cleanliness

Cleanliness | Fashion Gone Rogue Exclusive
Photography | Stefano Viti
Styling | Francesca Piovano
Hair | Gianluca
Makeup | Roman
Modeling | Nathalia Oliveira
Assistant Photography | Riccardo Oggionni

DRESS | Foil print

Old, I agree, but this foil-like dress from Stella McCartney's A/W 2011 is quite timeless. Futuristic without losing its class. Worn by Meryl Streep as the Iron Lady, but could be great with a slouchy hat and fur jacket too. This dress reminds me of the Céline collection, where they did the same trick with wood. Inspiration out of materials instead of persons, I agree. Again.
Splendid, you have plenty of money on your savings? This lady is now in sale!

BLOGS | Poland

I tend to say that Polish fashionbloggers have a certain rawness in common. See the punk influences, like ripped shorts and studded jackets, almost white hair and fierce heels (not to mention that the old punkers in Camden won't ever wear heels). They embody the street, and street embraces them. Meet the backbone of Polish Fashion.

Katherine | Plenty of Hangers
A fresh and clean vibe from a young lady that might looks a bit older than she is aged. She is definitely inspired by popular bloggers as AfterDRK, Vasieliva and such. Nevertheless, she has a vintage influenced look, turning slowly into minimalistic.

Dag fris en fruitige dame, met wat neonkleurtjes tussen al dat industriële grijs. Katherine is duidelijk gecharmeerd van de bloggiganten die oprijzen, zoals AfterDRK en Vasieliva. Soms neemt ze die obsessie iets te letterlijk... Prettige blog om een modemeter naast te houden, Katherine's stijl ontwikkelt zich langs vintage naar boho, richting minimalistisch.

Alicja Zielasko | Alice Point
Alice Point is almost a classic, you could call her the figurehead of Polish fashion. The raw edge is translated to slouchy beanies, loads of cross earrings, acid wash jeans and tough boots. Imagine her hair, always worn to one side, and you understand she is more fashion than punk. The punker would have to shave one side instead of creating the same effect with wearing it one side. Colours, but dark, mysterious but also mainstream. Interesting blog to keep an eye on.

Alice Point is een heuse klassieker en boegbeeld van de Poolse mode. Dat rauwe randje vertaalt zich nu naar afgezakte mutsjes, heel veel cross earrings, acid wash jeans en stevige schoenen. Om het plaatje af te maken draagt ze haar haar immer naar één kant toe, wie weet was opscheren net een brug te ver. Kleurrijk maar donker, mysterieus maar mainstream. Neem alleen al even een kijkje om de prachtige fotografie!

Areta Szpura | Doing real stuff sucks
In spite of the immature title is this unpronounceable name a major drive behind the Polish fashion industry. Her blog lacks outfitposts, but hey, who needs them anyway? With loads of collages, inspiration and a pop of colour, this girl forces Poland down on its knees.

Ondanks dat de titel weinig volwassenheid afdwingt, hebben we hier te maken met een stuwende kracht achter de Poolse industrie. Weinig, heel weinig outfitposts, maar is dat een reden om haar niet te vermelden? Drie van de vier keer is deze zogenaamde unieke content namelijk weinig uniek. Deze onuitspreekbare naam heeft een handje van outfits en belegt zich liever op collages, inspiratie en heel veel kleur.

PREFALL | Diesel Black Gold

'Summer, spring, winter or fall, all you do is have to call...' But these four seasons are not enough. The fashion industry decided there had to be a pre-fall as well. Filled with crowded runways, beautiful materials and odd shapes. I welcome you to the show of Diesel Black Gold, a semi-fork of the jeansbrand.

I am psyched. It's wearability-level has never been this high and the collection never had this much classical pieces. Fine leather pants in soft grey, windbreakers and trenchcoats just out of shape and a-symmetrical black dresses. Exploring and rock 'n' roll dessert form the red line through twenty-two looks. You could call them simple, maybe even dull, but nevertheless your heart skipped a beat while browsing through. Please give me these basics, as they form a strong platform to build the bright coloured accessorie-housing on.

Eeuwenlang bestond het jaarlijkse patroon uit winter, lente, zomer en herfst, al dan niet in deze volgorde. De modewereld hing het buitenbeentje uit en besloot dat er een extra jaargetijde moest komen. Zo werden de pre-fall shows geboren. Een voorproefje, een sneak preview op wat er binnenkort uit de magische handjes van de designers ontstaat. Welkom bij de pre-fall collectie van Diesel Black Gold, inderdaad een bastaardkind van het befaamde denimlabel.

De Black Gold collectie is niet voor mietjes. Favoriete stukken zijn absoluut de zachtgrijze leren broek, de gigantische windbreaker en het a-symmetrische zwarte jurkje. De collectie was nog nooit zo draagbaar en -opvallend- zo klassiek. Met een twist welteverstaan. Zo op papier lijken de pieces geïnspireerd op een kruising van de padvindertjes en 27 hours in een woestijn zonder water. Tweeëntwintig looks met veelal beige, donkerrood, wrecked bruin en grijs- en zwarttinten, voor echte woestijnratten op zoek naar het zwarte goud. Stop mijn kast stiekem vol met dit soort fijne basics, zodat ik de volgende keer verder kan bouwen op deze stevige fundering. Een huis van felgekleurde accessoires, lekker tegendraads.

Next up: Picasso's absurdism translated to abstract Preen

QUICK | Editor's note

Just a little quickie to let you know that my Blue Monday wasn't blue at all! Not only did FreshFix celebrate its half years anniversary, I also got an e-mail from AMFI which confirmed I am invited for a little chit-chat! One step closer to my ultimate goal. Next up was another e-mail, that stated that I had won two tickets for the Ready to Fish show by Ilja Visser during Amsterdam Fashion Week in about two weeks. That is going to be the first fashionshow I'll be attending. Ever! The short video above is from her latest collection, the A/W 2011 one. You can find a sneak preview of the upcoming collection on the official website. I also found the interesting DownTown program of AIFW, filled with (contemporary) exhibitions, fashionfilms and more. In short: I just wanted to share the amazing time I had yesterday. Did you feel the blues?

MUSIC | Dead Weather

Put a master musician and a grunting lady in a studio, give them some whiskey en listen to the results. That is the story of Dead Weather in a nutshell. The band is dark, like an espresso with a heavy bass. Just stir and drink. The sounds of electronical influences and old organs are more present than on previous recordings. The album is also filled with loads of instrumental tracks, where the old rock 'n' roll is represented. Simple is not that bad. Female singer Alison sings a-melodical, sometimes it sounds like rapping, sometimes it's more like an abandoned, drooling pitbull. She never sounds sweet. The Dead Weather is practically a great garage cocktail, the fine mix between heavy basslines and yelling guitars. Best track so far is I Cut Like A Buffalo, but Treat Me Like Your Mother could sound more familiar. The spaghetti-western clip was on MTV a couple of years (?) ago. Mister and Misses shot each other to pulp, surprisingly not dead but more like a Dutch cheese, full of holes. Alison and Jack White are opposites, yin and yang, apple syrup and chicken breast. But that last combination tastes delicious. You get it.

Stop een rasmuzikant en een rauwe, schreeuwende dame in een opnamestudio, geef ze wat whiskey en luister naar het resultaat. Dead Weather is donker, als een goede espresso met een zware baslijn. Even roeren en klaar. Meer dan in de vorige albums wordt de trukendoos opengetrokken met elektronische invloeden en veel orgel als gevolg. Daarnaast wordt het album gevuld met veel instrumentale platen waarin je duidelijk vroege rock ‘n’ roll hoort, want simpel is lang zo slecht nog niet. Alison zingt a-melodisch, soms bijna rappend, soms als een achtergelaten, vastgeketende pitbull waar het kwijl vanaf druipt. Maar nooit lief. De bak experimentele gitaarherrie vreet je trommelvliezen op en maakt Dead Weather tot een fijne garage cocktail. Beste plaat uit het lijstje is I Cut Like A Buffalo, terwijl je Treat Me Like Your Mother misschien vaag nog ergens herkent van MTV, een paar jaar geleden. De clip was gebaseerd op een typische Spaghetti-Western, met een duel waarin meneer en mevrouw beschoten worden tot er een beste Hollandse gatenkaas ontstaat. Alison en Jack White zijn tegenpolen, yin en yang, appelstroop en kipfilet. Maar wist je dat die laatste combinatie verrekte lekker smaakt?

PARTY | Celebrating ½ Anniversary

Maybe it is not an anniversary everyone would celebrate, but I am happily surprised FreshFix made it until today: its half year's birthday! FreshFix is maybe the third, or well, fifth blog in row I started. Laziness, a lack of inspiration and discipline are the reasons the others failed miserably. The (almost) daily posts I create for FreshFix are full of joy and energy, I blog with a certain passion which is new to me. Setting up this blog has also given me inspiration and provided me with a better understanding of the type of career I want to pursue, which is the industry of fashion and marketing. The daily visits are increasing and I am insanely happy with every visitor and comment I receive. For all of you who visit FreshFix regularly, but also to everyone that perhaps made it to this blog by total accidence: thank you for making each day a sparkling one. Underneath you can find a list of ups and progress from last year.

I went from myself as lonely daily visitor to in and about twenty-five unique friends. I was amazed by all sorts of nationalities from allover the planet visiting FreshFix. Finland, Russia, Mexico and Saoedi-Arabia, just to name a few. Welcome!

Since last weekend, I may call FreshFix a part of the Follow Fashion network. You may have seen the black button that leads to the page with all contributing blogs. I designed a couple of banners for FreshFix, from which I found it hard to choose...

If only my man wasn't working in the filmindustry... Take a look at the differences between my first couple of homemade shots and the detailed images I took a couple of weeks ago. Those first pictures were actually the second blogposts I have ever made! The major difference is a professional photocamera I could borrow from my boyfriend. Thank you for increasing the quality of my new in-posts!

From translating everything from Dutch to English to having problems finding the Dutch word for English terms. I have to admit I have grown a passion for the English language, I even drink tea the British way! For that reason, the first paragraph is now in English with a translation below, instead of vice versa. So, what is 'abominable' in my mother tongue?

It is a real dilemma to choose between almost two-hundred posts, made with love and care. I really wrecked my (digital) pen for a three-parted series about Dutch festival Lowlands. A more visual post is definitely this flowerful editorial. More into moving pictures? A variation of short films is found here. But my favourite posts from the last six months has to be the monthly edition of Top Looks. Argh, I don't know really. Choosing between chocolate and fresh baked cookies is also impossible, isn't it?

Does more fashion, more design and more fun also sound great to you? I will try to improve FreshFix, without losing its exclusiveness. On my list is moving to Amsterdam, that will probably yield more great bars and boutiques, new in- and maybe even outfit-posts. More wishes? I am working hard on a Facebook and Twitter-account, filled with goodies. More than enough to expect... How did you experience FreshFix over the last couple of months?


1. Ann-Sofie Back
2. Maison Martin Margiela
3. V Ave Shoe Repair

I adore these minimalistic pieces, all from FashionSphere's closet. Mixing materials and architectural forms seems more of an art than mixing prints. I like the thick cloths, the jersey-like sweaters and of course the odd shapes. All credits to Josefin, who collects these artworks to hang them on her walls. Her room must be a small exhibition.

EDITORIAL | Skies the limit

Because of my application forms for Fashion & Branding, I recently experimented with kaleidoscopic effects by trying some digital materials in Photoshop. It was harder than I thought. And with that experience in the back of my mind, I gained respect for editorials like this one. Surprisingly psychedelic, but also clean and sharp. Without doubt an example for the nearby future!

Skies the Limit | Contributing Editor
Photographer | Misha Taylor
Fashion Editor | Elke Rüss
Models | Alexa Corlett, Lotte
Hair and make-up | Henriette Hoeft

FILM | And so began my love affair with water

Every facet of water, dripping and flowing, is being discussed over in this short film by Kira Lillie. The invisibility, its cleansing effect and the rippled sea, all coming together in the concept water. One of man's finest mix-ups in words and images. Say it quickly.
Elk facet van water, van de druppels tot de oceaan, is op de een of andere manier verwerkt in dit korte filmpje van de hand van Kira Lillie. Haar doorzichtigheid, reinigende effect en rimpeling komen allemaal samen in dit conceptuele beeld. Een fijne mix van woorden, beelden en ideeën.

Wonderful and inspiring, this flawless new singer iamamiwhoami. I figured out she's famous among a small group of youtubers, not mentioned on vimeo or any other music- or filmsite. Her voice is a younger version of Fever Ray's, like elves in a dark forrest. I hate elves, but for this one I make an exception. This clip must be shot in far, far Iceland, where fairytales are still alive.
Vers van de pers, pas net ontdekt. Deze mysterieuze iamamiwhoami is alleen bekend op youtube en zingt met een loepzuivere elvenstem onbewerkte versies van zusje Fever Ray. De kroon van berkenhout, zwevend boven het stille water, is prachtig. Dit moet wel ergens op een onbewoond stukje IJsland zijn gefilmd. Een dame die snel weer moet gaan produceren.

Yes, blame me. I fell for the odd combination of mixing nature with heavy classical pieces. You might have noticed I used this shorty before, but forgive me. Its beauty is irresistible. The power of water against humanity is strictly shown. Worth this spot!
Ja, ja, ja. Ik doe ook aan recycling. Dit filmpje is al eens eerder langsgekomen, in een random filmeditie, een paar weken terug. Ik kan niet uit hoe fantastisch dit simpele filmpje is. Ik kan er een 1000 woorden tellend betoog over opdreunen, maar keihard bewijs zegt veel meer. De film draait om de prachtige natuur, gevormd door het water en de rotsen. Het vreemde is dat het water het ene moment een rustige, kalme vlakte lijkt maar het andere moment verandert in een woeste zee vol golven. Muziek heeft een gigantische invloed op de kijkbeleving.

TODAY | Quote

A/W | Rabens Saloner

First ever glance of the collection for me. Fell instantly in love, more will follow!

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