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TOP LOOKS | January

1 Maria Van Nguyen via Vanillascented
I almost posted the whole outfit, from several angles, but I realized Top Looks should be about more than one outfit. The fabrics and colours combine so well, natural beauty in a nutshell. The coat is from Acne, as Maria is supposed to wear while she works over there. You can endlessly create new outfits with Acne's firm basic clothing. Must be heaven...

2 Anh via 9to5chic
Ahn, pronounced as On, has an effortless chic look. The hair, stuffed into the giant collar of the Zara sweater, the different hues from burgundy till beige, it just fits her. Peachy lipstick to complete the colourpalette, a major smile that reflects her kindness and ready to go. Please give me just a pound of her nonchalance.

3 Natalie Suarez via Natalie off duty
Natalie doesn't often wear something that appeals to me this much. Mostly it is too feminine, too romantic. But on flat boots, hidden behind this colossal fur coat, well, she might has stolen my fashion heart. And remember, all black is never wack. Even if the word 'wack' is quite 'wack'. Quack.

4 Sandra via 5inchandup
I showed you enough amazing outfitposts of Sandra, the genius behind 5inchandup. She has taken a short hiatus at the moment, so we have to be content with the candy she left us sooner. Alexander Wang, shiny and heroic. I don't know what I prefer most, the cape shoes or the white beach...

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