OUTFIT | With the Isabel Marant waistcoat

Collage / Private

Who wasn't impressed by the embellished waistcoat from Isabel Marant? You? Liar. The best combination I have seen so far is to mix it with a ripped pair of BF-jeans, a good old shirt, a modest armparty and flats. Because the boyish attitude of the waistcoast is one to cherish.

Embellished Waistcoat | Isabel Marant
White T-shirt | Alexander Wang
Jeans | 7 for all mankind
Sunglasses | Karen Walker
Red bracelet | Mono and me
Silver bracelet | Buddha to Buddha
Black flats | Zara, now on sale

WORDS | Something new

ph / Eastpak

It is Fridaynight, my to-do lists are endless, my hopes are high and my energy, well, I don't know were I lost it. Somewhere between those economy classes and packed highstreets I guess. Today in a week I will be on my way to the long beaches, pain du chocolats and old farms were new technologies has not yet been discovered. To clear my head on holidays, I read. Beautiful sentences, quotes from wise men, shout-outs and in this particular case, a commercial. Food for thought.


My last wishlist was from December, quite a while ago yes. You could state that I am a happy girl without anything to wish for, or you could state that I am too lazy to make nine images. Probably the last. With a new home in my head, this list contains loads of interior-ideas. On the other hand, first up is a well deserved holiday in the sunny France...

1 ASOS multi link waist belt  | This look-alike from Ralph Lauren spices up every ripped denim short
2 Mint coloured underwear | If I moved to England, I would live inside Barneys.
3 Striped Washi Tape | Move over sushi, this is the new Japanese rage!
4 REF Salt water spray | To create the same beachy waves on the campside as well.
5 Blend Magazine | I haven't seen my favourite Dutch magazine for a while. This special 'seven years' issue would do a great job on the back of the Mercedes Oldtimer.
6 Industrial lights | I discovered the amazing tripods and other industrial lamps from 360Volt a few days ago. But the price, aww...
7 Travel pack | sends you the hottest gadgets for a monthly price, 'curated' by a select team. How about this handmade travel pack?
8 Philip Lim leather quilted shorts | Impossible find or possess, but oh so pretty to look at.
9 IKEA Cow rug | I do feel sorry for that booo-cow, but a cow rug would fit perfect in my (future) livingroom.


ph / Unknown, if you do know the sources, please comment

Every once in a while, I try some new messy hairdo's. Most of the time without success, since I am being an enormous novice with bobbypins and rubberbands. I found these images in my inspiration-map and am filled with renewed enthusiasm to dust my hair cuffs. Other inspiring hairdo's are found in the runwayshows of Michael Kors and Rag & Bone.

Met mijn immense vrees voor kappers en hun grijpgrage scharen probeer ik mijn dooie punten te verdoezelen in een fijne knot of messy ponytail. Deze twee inspirerende afbeeldingen vond ik, ergens verdwaald in mijn inspiratiemap. Een frisse kijk op zomerse lokken (lees: zoute klitten) en niet al te moeilijk. Tijd om mijn haircuffs uit het stof te halen en me vol enthousiasme op de krultang te storten...

DESIGN | Waves of glass

ph / Baptiste Debombourg

Also stunned by the impossibility of flooding glass? This jaw-dropping installation called Aerial is by the hand of gallery Baptiste Debombourg, which is settled in an old German Benedictine Monastry. The installation has several links to dramafilm Titanic. Remember that part when two elderly people, strangled on bed, are waiting for the moment the water breaks in? I guess standing in front of Aerial will feel the same. 

A trip down memory lane! Herinner je dit belangrijke moment in de grootste dramafilm van afgelopen decennium: Titanic (niet de belabberde 3D versie)? Twee bejaarde mensjes, elkaar stevig omarmend op bed, wachtend op de immense watervloed die hen elk moment een zeemansgraf kan bezorgen. Volgens mij is deze waanzinnige installatie met de naam Aerial daarop gebaseerd. De onmacht tegenover water en tegelijkertijd de mooiste eigenschappen van H2O in één adembenemend kunstwerk. Gallery Baptiste Debombourg heeft werk om stil van te worden.

RESORT | Givenchy + Proenza Schouler

ph / Givenchy, Proenza Schouler

Two awardwinning pieces of the latest resort collections by the hand of Riccardo Tisci and Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. I am deeply impressed by the volume, fine golden details in the odd biker jacket and streetstyle-ambiance of Givenchy's shots. The ordinary white tee will always appeal to me, especially when combined with sleek leather pants and thin strapped heels. Been looking for a similar (but affordable) pair for ages, tips anyone?

I tried ignoring the growing pile of homework at my right, but it will grab me within a minute. Ah well, I guess it indeed is nice to learn more about how to make money....

FAVOURITE BLOGS | Current addiction

Since I got stemmed by a doctor - my stressfull and busy daily life could be the cause of a painful stomach ache - my days are filled with browsing, reading and writing. May I present you the top three blogs I visit quite a few times a day?

Kaitlyn | modern legacy
You might have spotted this lady earlier - I couldn't stop myself from writing about her amazing blog. Earthly tones, simple style and a down-to-earth mentality are the ground where Kaitlyn's high heels are standing on. Photographs are mainly from Kaitlyn her style and surrounding. Interesting progression, a mix between Zara garment and a little hint of designer.

Riikka Kantinkoski | WEEKDAYCARNIVAL
A pleasant surprise, as you may call the discovery of WEEKDAYCARNIVAL, a blog by the Finnish mum Riikka. It is a combination of home-ish photographs of her adorable son, decoration in and out of her house and fine DIY's. Riikka is wonderfully good in making the daily life more interesting.

Charlie May | girl a la mode
Wouldn't Charlie May be a brilliant name for a clothing label? Well, it is. Charlie May creates furore as designer of simplistic clothing, most of the time with masculine accents. Her blog is a piece of art, with a balance between her personal life, outfit posts, reports of events and a sometimes a side note about her collection.

EDITORIAL | Hymn to the Immortal Wind

ph / Fashion Gone Rogue

My eyes rolled out of their cages whilst scrolling through this set of amazing photographs. This is the Hybrid-collection, which I wrote earlier about, in action.  And while the clothing already was jaw-dropping in stillness, the line comes to life in the raw highlands of Asia.

Sidenote: sorry for the not consistent blogging lately. I started a deficiency course in economy, which is basically a summerschool with much math, complex statistics and complicated questions that will make your head blow off. So, most of my time gets absorbed into the schoolbooks and college. It is not my choice of fun either!


Incredible news from my favourite designer so far: Maison Martin Margiela. A collaboration between the house of minimalistic fashion and multinational H&M for this autumn has been confirmed! I didn't saw this coming in my wildest dreams and I hoped for the best when I read a tweet from the Dutch Vogue yesterday. And yes, fine rumors are meant to be confirmed. Expect not-your-ordinary collection, full of invisible shoes, turtlenecks over the chin and Persian rugs worn as skirts. Martin Margiela is everywhere on FreshFix. The twisted mind of MMM is coming to the mass, to be exact on November 15. Guess what, I am already saving money for this one!

MUSTHAVE | Sequined Bra

ph / Hanneli Mustaparta, Topshop

Totally bra-mazing (didn't see that coming, huh?), this sequined bralette from Topshop. Ever since I saw this picture of the mysterious Hanneli Mustaparta wearing one, I could not set my mind of the sequined bra. Even though it might be associated with slightly overweight belly-dancers. Anyway, this one is new in at Topshop for only fourty pounds. Well hey, it is handcrafted, mind you!


ph / Tumblr, Emmas Design Blogg, Maison Martin Margial by

I am starting to lose my heart to the old-fashion, ever hated Persian Rugs. I remember my grandparents were having one, and I spent hours and hours brushing the hairs, removing the knots. It has something nostalgic, but combined with fresh white Scandinavian design it just adds that little home-touch to a living room. As we now know, Maison Martin Margiela was far ahead of this trend with his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Not only did the models walked over a runway made of rugs, they also got to wear skirts out of rugs, and Margiela even made ankle boots in soft, hairy rug. Now I only have to score one on Ebay...

TALENT | Natalia Grzybowski

Natalia Grzybow is a new name on the fashion radar. A fresh face in the Australian fashion industry. That is right, her last name might be confusing but Natalia is a Sydney (not Krakow)-based fashion designer. Her graduation project, titled 'Hybrid' is amongst my favourites. It is the diversity in textiles, the layers, the shapes. It is the feminine sculptures against the rough, hard material. Al tough it is not the clash of sexes that was her source of inspiration...

"I like modernity and minimalism and I was 100% sure I wanted to make my own textiles, even though I had never done it before. I was watching a lot of Japanese movies back then and looking through beautiful books with old scientific illustrations of animals and plants. And it just hit me. I read a lot about our current perception of a cyborg and the impact technology has had on the representation of the female body – and I really wanted to play with these current perceptions, because I found them to be false and in many cases degrading to women. So it was important for me to create a collection that was beautiful and appealing to women, whilst simultaneously representing the positive aspects of technology and the cyborg woman.

Quote comes from, photographs are from 'Hybrid' itself, found here.

OBSESSIVE | Clear Duffle Bag

ph / Alexander Wang, Shopbop

 This clear Rocco Duffle Bag from the hand of the very talented Alexander Wang is in between ugliness and obsessive. It is like my first real concert experience, which was brilliantly amazing but also from some sort of German grunting metal band I never heard of. This Rocco Duffle Bag is completely out of pvc, the sticky kind during warm summernights. The bag balances upon the line of greatness, suffering not to fall down in the pool of crocs, too short bob-lines and dark lines around nude lips. Tricky, but for obvious reasons sold out long ago.

IRIS VAN HERPEN | Groninger Museum

Iris van Herpen exhibition Groninger Museum
ph / personal, Iris van Herpen, Lisa Galesloot | Dutch text below

The astonishing beauty of Iris van Herpen's designs came alive at the Groninger Museum a few weeks ago. I visited the exhibition 'Iris van Herpen' with 3D sketches and loads of sculptures from her latest collections. How odd is it to see, touch and whisper at the jaw-dropping materials you saw in runway video's on your computer screen? The extraordinary plastic waterfall and clothing that appears to be a fragile puzzle has something magical, something untouchable. The exhibition contains several pieces from different collections, like Radiation Invasion from 2009 and Chemical Crows from 2008, all guided with some introductory words that describe the feelings behind the clothes.

The last time I visited an exposition considering fashion, it actually disappointed me because of the lack of clothing and the missing guidelines. No worries, Iris van Herpen's exhibition reads like a fairytale and is even interesting for anyone unknown of her work. She simply makes never-seen-before pieces, which are in the middle of science-fiction suits and couture. It will make you ooh and aah and secretly smile because of the magic that the exhibition shares. Please take a look at this unique once-in-a-lifetime-experience and be amazed. Believe me: this is even worth the long trip to the northern Groningen...

Iris van Herpen, exposition at the Groninger Museum - September 23
Do not forget your studentcard for some discount
Iris van Herpen exhibition Groninger Museum
De carrière van Nederlands meest veelbelovende talent Iris van Herpen leest weg als een science-fiction verhaal met een scherp randje. Jong, talentvol, gastlid van de Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture en sinds kort een eerste solo-tentoonstelling in het Groninger Museum. Iris van Herpen is altijd op zoek naar ondraagbare materialen, onmogelijke combinaties en nieuwe mogelijkheden op technisch gebied. In elke collectie vormt die spannende lijn tussen haute couture en alien-achtige constructies de basis voor haar sculpturen en designs.

Voor de tentoonstelling moesten we na de ingang langs alle Azzedine Alaïa pracht en praal, geïnstalleerd op de eerste verdieping. Wat ongeduldig ijsbeerden we tussen extravagante lappen bewerkt leer, Texelse schapen verwerkt in Russisch ogende jassen en bijzondere texturen. Daarna de trap op, ogen wijdopen en kwijlen maar. Voor Iris van Herpen's allereerste solo-tentoonstelling heeft het Groninger Museum een selectie gemaakt uit verschillende collecties, zoals Radiation Invasion uit 2009 en Chemical Crows uit 2007.

In elke zaal hangt een bordje met begeleidende uitleg, die je doet beseffen dat inspiratie uit meer komt dan alleen 'wat ik op straat en op internet zie'. Radiation Invasion is bijvoorbeeld tot stand gekomen door inspiratie uit een intercontinentaal telefoongesprek en de ontelbare digitale informatiestromen waar we tegenwoordig aan bloot worden gesteld. Hoe vertaal je dit in een collectie kleding? In de ontwerpen lijkt het of de drager omgeven wordt door een bevroren geheel van golvende stralen, flikkerende patronen en trillende deeltjes. Juist deze filosofische gedachten achter de collecties tillen de bijzondere sculpturen uit de expositie naar een hoger niveau. Het kijkje in het brein van de ontwerper laat de materialen nog meer tot leven komen. De tentoonstelling is een lust voor het oog: om van dichtbij te zien hoeveel handwerk er in de couture zit, hoe de kleuren van het ontwerpen veranderen, hoe de intrigerende silhouetten zijn opgebouwd en hoe het materiaal beweegt. Ook gefascineerd door de spectaculaire catwalkshows, de waanzinnige foto's en buitenaarde schoonheid van Iris' ontwerpen? De tentoonstelling 'Iris van Herpen' in het Groninger Museum is de verre reis naar het noorden meer dan waard.

De tentoonstelling 'Iris van Herpen' is nog tot 23 september in het Groninger Museum te zien. Vergeet vooral je studentenkaart niet mee te nemen voor wat extra korting!

Iris van Herpen exhibition Groninger Museum

WORDS | Magic hides in simplicity

ph / Tommy Ton, Jak & Jil

Even though the world seems to be dipped in a floral and colourful sauce, black and mostly whites appeal to me more. Simple basic pieces like a blazer and cropped top form a complete outfit. I just need a new sleek hairdo and a fine Ray-Ban. Because even behind a simple cut lies a history of creativity.

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl

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