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Since I got stemmed by a doctor - my stressfull and busy daily life could be the cause of a painful stomach ache - my days are filled with browsing, reading and writing. May I present you the top three blogs I visit quite a few times a day?

Kaitlyn | modern legacy
You might have spotted this lady earlier - I couldn't stop myself from writing about her amazing blog. Earthly tones, simple style and a down-to-earth mentality are the ground where Kaitlyn's high heels are standing on. Photographs are mainly from Kaitlyn her style and surrounding. Interesting progression, a mix between Zara garment and a little hint of designer.

Riikka Kantinkoski | WEEKDAYCARNIVAL
A pleasant surprise, as you may call the discovery of WEEKDAYCARNIVAL, a blog by the Finnish mum Riikka. It is a combination of home-ish photographs of her adorable son, decoration in and out of her house and fine DIY's. Riikka is wonderfully good in making the daily life more interesting.

Charlie May | girl a la mode
Wouldn't Charlie May be a brilliant name for a clothing label? Well, it is. Charlie May creates furore as designer of simplistic clothing, most of the time with masculine accents. Her blog is a piece of art, with a balance between her personal life, outfit posts, reports of events and a sometimes a side note about her collection.

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