1. Georgia via Stockholm Streetstyle
Georgia knows that it's all about the mystery. The nonchalance in the 'busted'-expression, her slightly messy hairdo, easy all-black outfit and touch of skin makes this look complete. The best part is the little print peeping out of her black parka. This reminded me a bit of the festival season that clearly is on its way. I already lost my boyfriend to the first festival of the year this weekend, and more to come...

2. Unknown model from the Proenza Schouler Resort collection
No, this is not a blogger, nor is she snapped wearing a stylish outfit on the streets. This is a small part of the Proenza Schouler Resort collection. Old news you say? All that's in fashion is old news. And thereby, this look is absolutely timeless. Pretty in white, with a massive statement necklace and firm heels. Just the way I like it.

3. Unknown model via Tumblr
Unfortunately, the model who is wearing this pretty laser cut-out dress is unknown to me. Partly because of her missing head on this found photograph, as I frankly guess. The look is a state of art, with a precise balance between skin and cloth, white and black. Caught my eye.

THIS WEEK | in highlights

Best editorial so far 
They almost stood up from my homepage Thursday, these stylish blue men. How great are the untamable moustaches, beards and massive eyebrows? You probably would never have thought this, but Captain Blue Beard actually exists. Meet the newest editorial from Manuscripts new issue. Neat men with floral, spring-like beards. I adore the brilliant concept and visuals. A man, all suited up, needs an accessory like that.

Must see exhibition
While reading a stunning interview with Iris van Herpen in an old ELLE, I rediscovered my fascination for the unlimited pieces of clothing she designs. The exhibition 'Iris van Herpen' in the Groninger Museum (yes, that is indeed the Netherlands) is filled with expressive art slash fashion, covered up with amazing details. A must-see, if you ask me.

A little something for the ears
With so much treats for the eyes, we should not forget another important organ: the ears. I stumbled across a live performance of Kawehi on Boooooom. Never heard of her before, but she produces a great piece of music. How about the voice sampling and looping, whereas she creates her own song using only her strong voice? Fine piece of ear-candy.

An anecdote to remember
I believe this piece of poetry comes from a recent press day. Being a pre-fashion student starting the next academic year, the time has come to move out. To mentally prepare myself for living in a city like Amsterdam, I have been collecting snapshots, anecdotes and other related things from the capital city. How about this anecdote, saying: "Just after midnight, going home by bike. Twinkling canals. Amsterdam, I love you." Some sort of Dutch haiku!

Another pair of boots
Boots, or shoes in general, will once create my financial shutdown. These leather black ones are from Bik Bok, a Scandinavian brand with a twist. The metallic tips are completing the urban Western look, and I find the model extremely interesting. I might suck for these...   

DESIGN | Charlie May

ph / Charlie May

Charlie May's blog 'Girl a la Mode' is one of the rare ones I follow since I discovered the world of blogging. Her simplistic style and odd vision on fashion design are the main reasons, I guess. Lately, she has been designing her own line called 'Charlie May', stuffed with whites and blacks and a fine modern Victiorian style. The Autumn/Winter collection 2012 contains loads of masculine pieces made  of thick leather and blouses with odd backs. It is quite my style and reminds me of Tilda Swinton in her 'Ice Queen'-days...

EDITORIAL | Blue beards

ph / Fucking Young

‘Blue Beards’ | Manuscript
Photography | Kylie Coutts 
Styling | Jolyon Mason 
 Hand-made-beards | Lisa Cooper.

FASHION | Margiela the Wizard

ph / Tumblr

These Maison Martin Margiela boots are the most mesmerizing objects I have seen lately. There is a certain attraction, but they seem a bit alienating as well. How awkward should it feel when walking down the street in these? The boots would pair well with a slim pants tucked in. I see possibilities, but can not look through the touch of sexism and obscene adultshops that goes with these boots. Anyway, thank you Martin Margiela for bewitching the regular boots into these, thank you for seeing the fashion industry as your playground.

FILM | Cycling with Marius Petrus

9"572 - Cyclus

The Dutch Marius Petrus, based in Arnhem, was always appealed to drawing, making art in general, ever since he could hold a pencil. This worked out well, with, amongst other things, an internship at the honorable Alexander McQueen during his Fashion study at Artez. The SS12 collection, as projected above, is initiated by a very personal source of inspiration; the bicycle culture (which is one of the typically Dutch attributes). Slick, streamlined, tapered shapes in bold colours and strong graphic prints. Marius Petrus created a fine man, tough at first side, but melting on the inside. I like his simple, strong designs with masculine details a lot.

Director | Arash Fakhim
Music | Dariuz Voltra
Model | Lars Christian

INSPIRATION | Deep Sea Diver

ph / FGR,, oraclefox 

These looks all have a certain mystery around them. Dark and embellished like a mermaid with a deep secret. Abstract and anatomic as the artwork from Emanuele Kabu (middle). The dreamery, natural flow of the water is inspired by the looks from The Flight of Spring (above), an amazing editorial by Jesse Laitinen and Emma Karlsson for the latest edition of Contributor Magazine. Conclusively, we end this post with the most shiny of them all. Welcome to the walking mermaid who walked straight out of T-Magazine. Welcome shiny sequinny fashion sparkle parties!

Listen to Grizzly Bear performing Deep Sea Diver

FAVOURITES | Swedish Wilfulness

ph / Hilda Sandström

If you visit FreshFix often, you might noticed the amount of bloggers on this blog. I like to blog about these stylists and designers-in-the-making, partly because they mix and match with shoes and tops I can afford, partly because of their inventive styles and combinations. The latest treasure in my collection is Hilda Sandström from fairytale's town. Her long, straight hair and peeking little ears are adorable, her taste in style incredible. This Swedish lady combines pinkish hairdo clashes with the boyish attitude. Black caps, oversized, torn jeans jackets, hats, hats, hats and love for shiny, mermaid-like things. I was stunned by the nonchalance of her outfits, the simple, mostly black clothing, the lost scales and the effortless hair. Hilda super-stunned me.

Sommige bloggers bloggen over zichzelf, ik blog liever over anderen. Als je FreshFix regelmatig bezoekt valt de hoeveelheid 'Favourite blogs' vast op. Er zijn zo veel inspirerende dames op het web, stylisten en designers die hun blog als opleiding gebruiken. Mijn nieuwste aanwinst is Hilda Sandström, een Zweedse styliste met een ongekend gevoel voor stijl en vorm. Ze lijkt zo weggelopen te zijn uit een sprookje met haar dromerige grijs-paarse coupe en elvenoortjes die er doorheen steken. Haar romantische uitstraling staat haaks op haar mannelijke, hoekige stijl. Zwarte baseball petjes, oversizede spijkerjasjes, hoedjes, mutsjes en tenslotte een passie voor schitterende, glanzende details. She's got me hooked. Hilda's blog is er eentje om heel hoog op je favorietenlijstje te plaatsen.

FILM | The King's Son

Complex geometries? Here you are. This label has been challenging standard shapes and rules in fashion. Most pieces in his collections can be worn multiple ways with no specific standard, nor even a clear front-back distinction, leaving the wearer freedom to express his or her individual creativity and personality. Complex Geometries scored points with their input in Project White T-shirt, a brilliant project with several remakes of the original white shirt. Their new spring/summer collection is also fine, with high-waisted shorts, neutral colours and fantastic details. Absolutely a label to keep an eye on. Partly because this short video is just the teaser of something bigger yet to come...

SUNDAY | Interior Inspiration

ph / Tumblr, weekdaycarnival, emma's designblog, dezeen

WANT IT | 'Sport' bralette

ph / Monoxious

While looking for a sport-bra (not joking), I stumbled over these black bralettes. They fit perfectly in the sport-chic trend, one of the highlights of the spring/summer lookbooks. I posted earlier about one of the above beauties from Alexander Wang, but the pieces of Anthony Vaccarello do appeal more to me now. (Small note: his spring/summer collection is utterly amazing, check out a sportish editorial in the Gentlewoman here). The bra's are on its best with a simple blazer, underneath a sheer black blouse or worn with a low-armdropped dress.

Collina Strada Quura, Anthony Vaccarello, Alexander Wang, Alexander Wang , VPL, Anthony Vaccarello

OVERVIEW | This week

Resurrection of the week
Three times hoorray, a little dance on my chair and a glass of champagne: the magazine Used, were I wrote earlier about here, is back with a brand new issue! The graphics are better, the website lay-out is way better, the editorials are amazingly better. Used has had a true resurrection. The magazine is stuffed with metallics, arty couture, loads of talented photographers and a well done cover.

Look of the week
Joanna Hillman, who is a Senior Fashion Market Editor at Harpers' Bazaar, nails this weeks look with loads of white hues. We've seen this all-white look before, fact is that Hillman seeks for a contrast and uses the lower half (click on the picture above for a better view) for a yin-yang effect. White turtleneck, white leather jacket, black pants, black shoes. Fantastic. Inspired? Her interior, covered by the Coveteur, is also a standard of perfection.

Look-alike of the week
While tons of bloggers drooled over these Céline heels, Topshop produced perfect look-alikes. The Reflect Metallic Heel Sandals in black are almost heaven, with the subtile glance and wonderful fit. These babies are also available in white, for a more spring-has-sprung feeling. They are yours for sixty pounds, in and about seventy-three euros.

Designer of the week
No other than Elin Kling could be the coveted designer of this week. Her spring collection of Nowhere arrived in the webshop of a few days ago, and -carefully said- it has everything what it takes to be sold out tomorrow. I am still waiting for the brilliant sandals, simple and subtile as the Scandinavian lady herself. Even though not every piece would fit my personal taste, I can see Elin walking in the pants, the blouses and high heels. She succeeded in producing a collection that is close to her heart, and that is worth a compliment.

EDITORIAL | Monkey Business

Without killing everyone's summery spring-mood, this editorial from Interview Magazine was too stunning not to post. Besides that, it has been awfully cold here last week! I bought a similar coat (but more ombre than this one) a few months ago (refurring to this article). While paying, the thought that I would not wear it very often flashed by. No problem, the coat functions surprisingly well as interior object, hanging on the wall in my bedroom. A different outtake on recycling?

Interview Magazine | Monkey Business
Photography | Jason Kibbler
Stylist | Elin Svahn

INSPIRATION | Freunde von Freunden

"Maybe there is a typical Berliner, but there is a constant movement, like in New York. So whoever comes here has to become a Berliner. And a Berliner can be so many things. I don’t find them tricky and difficult. They have a certain attitude towards life and you just have to respect them the way they are and they open up."

"When I was young we basically had two options; either you were a soccer fan, and if you didn’t like that kind of culture or environment, you got involved with art. The only ‘escape’ from what was happening there, was becoming an artist. It was, more than just taking a decision, it came naturally."

"You have options to specialise in the graphic design, theatre, textiles, industrial design, all fine art and I did a few different ones but I decided that I wasn’t really interested in doing things that have practical applications. I wanted to do things that were about humanity, about why are we here, having something to reflect that deals with metaphysics, with something more than what is just physical- like ideas, things that are communicated through images."

Freunde von Freunden is an amazing project with an over-all 'Selby'-feeling. Depth interviews, combined with interior- and surrounding-pictures form the firm base of this website. Interesting people from allover the world tell their stories - about art, background, the city they live in, the music they create, the culture they grew up to. Several book designers, artists, dj's, entrepreneurs and other creative souls explain their magnificent figments. My favourite apartment is from Magnus Reed, with the perfect dose of Scandinavian design and vintage which makes it a rare find.

Quotes: Magnus Reed | Ludwig Cramer-Klett | Mat Collishaw

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