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Resurrection of the week
Three times hoorray, a little dance on my chair and a glass of champagne: the magazine Used, were I wrote earlier about here, is back with a brand new issue! The graphics are better, the website lay-out is way better, the editorials are amazingly better. Used has had a true resurrection. The magazine is stuffed with metallics, arty couture, loads of talented photographers and a well done cover.

Look of the week
Joanna Hillman, who is a Senior Fashion Market Editor at Harpers' Bazaar, nails this weeks look with loads of white hues. We've seen this all-white look before, fact is that Hillman seeks for a contrast and uses the lower half (click on the picture above for a better view) for a yin-yang effect. White turtleneck, white leather jacket, black pants, black shoes. Fantastic. Inspired? Her interior, covered by the Coveteur, is also a standard of perfection.

Look-alike of the week
While tons of bloggers drooled over these CĂ©line heels, Topshop produced perfect look-alikes. The Reflect Metallic Heel Sandals in black are almost heaven, with the subtile glance and wonderful fit. These babies are also available in white, for a more spring-has-sprung feeling. They are yours for sixty pounds, in and about seventy-three euros.

Designer of the week
No other than Elin Kling could be the coveted designer of this week. Her spring collection of Nowhere arrived in the webshop of a few days ago, and -carefully said- it has everything what it takes to be sold out tomorrow. I am still waiting for the brilliant sandals, simple and subtile as the Scandinavian lady herself. Even though not every piece would fit my personal taste, I can see Elin walking in the pants, the blouses and high heels. She succeeded in producing a collection that is close to her heart, and that is worth a compliment.

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