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Best editorial so far 
They almost stood up from my homepage Thursday, these stylish blue men. How great are the untamable moustaches, beards and massive eyebrows? You probably would never have thought this, but Captain Blue Beard actually exists. Meet the newest editorial from Manuscripts new issue. Neat men with floral, spring-like beards. I adore the brilliant concept and visuals. A man, all suited up, needs an accessory like that.

Must see exhibition
While reading a stunning interview with Iris van Herpen in an old ELLE, I rediscovered my fascination for the unlimited pieces of clothing she designs. The exhibition 'Iris van Herpen' in the Groninger Museum (yes, that is indeed the Netherlands) is filled with expressive art slash fashion, covered up with amazing details. A must-see, if you ask me.

A little something for the ears
With so much treats for the eyes, we should not forget another important organ: the ears. I stumbled across a live performance of Kawehi on Boooooom. Never heard of her before, but she produces a great piece of music. How about the voice sampling and looping, whereas she creates her own song using only her strong voice? Fine piece of ear-candy.

An anecdote to remember
I believe this piece of poetry comes from a recent press day. Being a pre-fashion student starting the next academic year, the time has come to move out. To mentally prepare myself for living in a city like Amsterdam, I have been collecting snapshots, anecdotes and other related things from the capital city. How about this anecdote, saying: "Just after midnight, going home by bike. Twinkling canals. Amsterdam, I love you." Some sort of Dutch haiku!

Another pair of boots
Boots, or shoes in general, will once create my financial shutdown. These leather black ones are from Bik Bok, a Scandinavian brand with a twist. The metallic tips are completing the urban Western look, and I find the model extremely interesting. I might suck for these...   

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