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1. Georgia via Stockholm Streetstyle
Georgia knows that it's all about the mystery. The nonchalance in the 'busted'-expression, her slightly messy hairdo, easy all-black outfit and touch of skin makes this look complete. The best part is the little print peeping out of her black parka. This reminded me a bit of the festival season that clearly is on its way. I already lost my boyfriend to the first festival of the year this weekend, and more to come...

2. Unknown model from the Proenza Schouler Resort collection
No, this is not a blogger, nor is she snapped wearing a stylish outfit on the streets. This is a small part of the Proenza Schouler Resort collection. Old news you say? All that's in fashion is old news. And thereby, this look is absolutely timeless. Pretty in white, with a massive statement necklace and firm heels. Just the way I like it.

3. Unknown model via Tumblr
Unfortunately, the model who is wearing this pretty laser cut-out dress is unknown to me. Partly because of her missing head on this found photograph, as I frankly guess. The look is a state of art, with a precise balance between skin and cloth, white and black. Caught my eye.

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