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FILM | Cycling with Marius Petrus

9"572 - Cyclus

The Dutch Marius Petrus, based in Arnhem, was always appealed to drawing, making art in general, ever since he could hold a pencil. This worked out well, with, amongst other things, an internship at the honorable Alexander McQueen during his Fashion study at Artez. The SS12 collection, as projected above, is initiated by a very personal source of inspiration; the bicycle culture (which is one of the typically Dutch attributes). Slick, streamlined, tapered shapes in bold colours and strong graphic prints. Marius Petrus created a fine man, tough at first side, but melting on the inside. I like his simple, strong designs with masculine details a lot.

Director | Arash Fakhim
Music | Dariuz Voltra
Model | Lars Christian

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