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"Maybe there is a typical Berliner, but there is a constant movement, like in New York. So whoever comes here has to become a Berliner. And a Berliner can be so many things. I don’t find them tricky and difficult. They have a certain attitude towards life and you just have to respect them the way they are and they open up."

"When I was young we basically had two options; either you were a soccer fan, and if you didn’t like that kind of culture or environment, you got involved with art. The only ‘escape’ from what was happening there, was becoming an artist. It was, more than just taking a decision, it came naturally."

"You have options to specialise in the graphic design, theatre, textiles, industrial design, all fine art and I did a few different ones but I decided that I wasn’t really interested in doing things that have practical applications. I wanted to do things that were about humanity, about why are we here, having something to reflect that deals with metaphysics, with something more than what is just physical- like ideas, things that are communicated through images."

Freunde von Freunden is an amazing project with an over-all 'Selby'-feeling. Depth interviews, combined with interior- and surrounding-pictures form the firm base of this website. Interesting people from allover the world tell their stories - about art, background, the city they live in, the music they create, the culture they grew up to. Several book designers, artists, dj's, entrepreneurs and other creative souls explain their magnificent figments. My favourite apartment is from Magnus Reed, with the perfect dose of Scandinavian design and vintage which makes it a rare find.

Quotes: Magnus Reed | Ludwig Cramer-Klett | Mat Collishaw

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