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TOP LOOKS | Merry May, Mary Me

1. Maria van Nguyen | Vanillascented
Maria almost radiates a rare kind of friendly happiness. She is a little bit vulnerable, romantic and smiling in every picture, evolving them into softer versions. Look at this outfit, filled with wool and a hint of pink - but do not mistake, underneath the pleated skirt hides a firm pair of Nikes. I felt for her hair as well, shiny and perfectly cut. 

2. Tasfia and Fabliha Reza | Inside In, Inside Out
Fresh and just discovered. Tasfia and Fabliha have the kind of taste their names already presume: wild, original and a bit odd. Next to the out-of-space looks, they also have a minimalistic side that contains asymmetric skirts, uncovered bellies and a fine palette of black and white.

3. Karina de Jesús | Beach and Dress
Another Queen of the DIY's, this developing lady. Karina has a great taste in clothing, picks exactly the right sizes, colours and items. I like her cycle shorts-look most, it has some sort of back-to-the-eighties vibe. She also tried purple lipstick and several cut-out shirts, that look as promising as they sound...

4. Ivania Carpio | Love Aesthetics
Even though she might be one of Holland's finest bloggers with a still rising popularity, Ivania Carpio deserved to make it to the top 5 this month. I cannot stop staring at the perfect pale blue sky, the popping neon and integrity that this set of photos whispers. Wonderful location, brilliant complementing simplistic look.

5. Alice-May-Linh Huynh | iHEARTALICE
She is amongst my favourites at the moment, and not without reason. Her perfect simple clothing, dark hair, mysterious appearance and - yet again - the stairs. Alice finds a balance between a tough, boyish attitude and her long, romantic looks. 

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