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CRAVING | Size up, please

Of course, the Céline mirror heels are a little bit - no wait, waaaaay over my tiny budget. Solution? Find the best look a-like alive. First, I went head over heels (literally) due to the shiny shoes from Topshop to find out these were sold out. Option two was a more broader look on the world. I spent hours scrolling through Chinese characters, measuring my feet and reading terrifying stories about taxes. I found my perfect Céline look a-likes, but they are one size too small. So please, lovely Korean mini's, here in Holland lives a big-foot wishing she could mangle her giant toes into mirrored sandals. Please, manufacturers, think of me whilst producing these fine heels. For all of you lucky bastards with a European size 39 or under, find them here for under sixty dollars.

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