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May I present you: the lovely Annaleenas Hem, aspiring interior stylist and already creator of simplistic designproducts like pyramids. I was surprised by her easy sense of styling with low-budget products, like Japanese Washi tape. Needless to say, I am completely hooked by taping every inch of my room now.

Annaleenas is (well-)known for her DIY's on Emma's Designblogg, copied by noticed bloggers like Ivania Carpio. How about the simplistic wooden hanger for coats and jackets, the charcoal mobile or her lampshade full of feathers? What can I say about the cardboard inspiration, her brilliant use of tape, making words with light cables?

If I had the money and the courage, if I spoke fluently Swedish, I would immediately buy her house in Sweden that is up for sale right now. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in this place, full of design and living architecture.

I can only say 'wow' to her use of graphic lines, to her all-white Scandinavian perfection, to her love for raw materials. Annaleenas' blog is my best interior-find in years. No, in lifetime. I am stunned, I am ordering tape, charcoal, feathers and light cables right now.

Do not forget to check out her fully black and white Pinterest and this feature on her personal interior.

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