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TALENT | Natalia Grzybowski

Natalia Grzybow is a new name on the fashion radar. A fresh face in the Australian fashion industry. That is right, her last name might be confusing but Natalia is a Sydney (not Krakow)-based fashion designer. Her graduation project, titled 'Hybrid' is amongst my favourites. It is the diversity in textiles, the layers, the shapes. It is the feminine sculptures against the rough, hard material. Al tough it is not the clash of sexes that was her source of inspiration...

"I like modernity and minimalism and I was 100% sure I wanted to make my own textiles, even though I had never done it before. I was watching a lot of Japanese movies back then and looking through beautiful books with old scientific illustrations of animals and plants. And it just hit me. I read a lot about our current perception of a cyborg and the impact technology has had on the representation of the female body – and I really wanted to play with these current perceptions, because I found them to be false and in many cases degrading to women. So it was important for me to create a collection that was beautiful and appealing to women, whilst simultaneously representing the positive aspects of technology and the cyborg woman.

Quote comes from, photographs are from 'Hybrid' itself, found here.

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