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"Base is a triannual digital magazine featuring emerging and established talent from a wide variety of creative fields such as photography to creative writing and music, and aims to always bring new and raw talent to their readers. We represent good taste and those not afraid to think outside the box. We’re not going to feed you clich├ęs and pretense, we’re just going to give you the good stuff."

Since I've been on tumblr, I followed neuewave. The girl is a young genius, filled with graphical goodies and an interesting taste in, well, in and about everything. Georgia is the editor of Base Magazine, a newbie in the online world of mags. With the second version still hot, the Magazine already developed since the first edition. It is amazing how a concept like this, with contribution from allover the world, can be created so well. I fell for the simple lining, the astonishing photography and raw styling.

Unfortunately, but completely understandable, Base Magazine is a triannual magazine. After browsing trough, I already felt the urge to visit Bases homepage to find a new jewel. This will be a daily addiction until the next magazine shows. A vicious circle, too good to escape from.

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