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PARTY | Celebrating ½ Anniversary

Maybe it is not an anniversary everyone would celebrate, but I am happily surprised FreshFix made it until today: its half year's birthday! FreshFix is maybe the third, or well, fifth blog in row I started. Laziness, a lack of inspiration and discipline are the reasons the others failed miserably. The (almost) daily posts I create for FreshFix are full of joy and energy, I blog with a certain passion which is new to me. Setting up this blog has also given me inspiration and provided me with a better understanding of the type of career I want to pursue, which is the industry of fashion and marketing. The daily visits are increasing and I am insanely happy with every visitor and comment I receive. For all of you who visit FreshFix regularly, but also to everyone that perhaps made it to this blog by total accidence: thank you for making each day a sparkling one. Underneath you can find a list of ups and progress from last year.

I went from myself as lonely daily visitor to in and about twenty-five unique friends. I was amazed by all sorts of nationalities from allover the planet visiting FreshFix. Finland, Russia, Mexico and Saoedi-Arabia, just to name a few. Welcome!

Since last weekend, I may call FreshFix a part of the Follow Fashion network. You may have seen the black button that leads to the page with all contributing blogs. I designed a couple of banners for FreshFix, from which I found it hard to choose...

If only my man wasn't working in the filmindustry... Take a look at the differences between my first couple of homemade shots and the detailed images I took a couple of weeks ago. Those first pictures were actually the second blogposts I have ever made! The major difference is a professional photocamera I could borrow from my boyfriend. Thank you for increasing the quality of my new in-posts!

From translating everything from Dutch to English to having problems finding the Dutch word for English terms. I have to admit I have grown a passion for the English language, I even drink tea the British way! For that reason, the first paragraph is now in English with a translation below, instead of vice versa. So, what is 'abominable' in my mother tongue?

It is a real dilemma to choose between almost two-hundred posts, made with love and care. I really wrecked my (digital) pen for a three-parted series about Dutch festival Lowlands. A more visual post is definitely this flowerful editorial. More into moving pictures? A variation of short films is found here. But my favourite posts from the last six months has to be the monthly edition of Top Looks. Argh, I don't know really. Choosing between chocolate and fresh baked cookies is also impossible, isn't it?

Does more fashion, more design and more fun also sound great to you? I will try to improve FreshFix, without losing its exclusiveness. On my list is moving to Amsterdam, that will probably yield more great bars and boutiques, new in- and maybe even outfit-posts. More wishes? I am working hard on a Facebook and Twitter-account, filled with goodies. More than enough to expect... How did you experience FreshFix over the last couple of months?

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