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DESIGN | Sequin Graffiti

The Czech-Danisch Theresa Himmer is one to watch. These sequined guerilla-graffiti is one of the most labour-intensive works of art I've seen lately. You can see these pieces of art in the capital of Iceland. The sequins come to art through architecture and work so well with the locational identity. It is an urban, but also conceptual way of creating landscapes and installations. Even though Iceland doesn't sounds that appealing to me, I would like to be hypnotized by these sequins sometime.

"The Sequin system is a hyper commercial product that comes from the world of advertising and display. Within this context, the sequin’s constant movement and flickering is desirable as a means of catching the consumer’s eye. Meanwhile I was interested in how these visual qualities also recall how landscapes respond to changes in wind and light. The sequins scintillate like water, ice or lava, they have an immediate visual and formal quality, which, in this framework, addresses the relationship between the natural and the artificial."

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