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Top LOOKS | October

1. Julia via Stockholm Streetstyle
Wow. What a classy, feminine lady, even though she lacks a pair of heels. The jacket absolutely pops out in this furthermore simple outfit. There is no need for more graphic prints, but a little bit of colour would've been great. Even since I saw this photograph, I am desperately looking for her jacket, so if someone could help me out a little? Of course, I like the snakeskin print that dominated the runways this season, but a little bit Cruella de Ville is even better (for everyone who is with me on that statement, Topshop's got a biker jacket with dalmatian print!).

Next up is Marie. Until last week, I never heard of her blog BLAMEITONFASHION, but she seems a biggie. No wonder with her style, which is simplistic but at the same time playful and desirable. This A-line dress in combination with the snake skin boots, I mean, is there anything more minimalistic (or should I say 'less')? I love her view on clothing, and this photo expresses it all.

3. Roos via Mode Rosa
Did you noticed all the ladies gone short? With all these cropped-hair women it is so tempting to cut a few centimeters of my own hair as well. Roos has a casual style that mixes the best of business with fashion. During my from-skaterboy-to-lady development I mainly get my inspiration from these sort of combinations, simple but chic.

4. Sandra via 5 inch and up
I've been walking up and down my local hardware store for ages to find this kind of jewelry. Just plain, non-embellished silvertoned hardware. The combination of dalmatian print, the surferhair and the silvercolour is outstanding. The dalmatian on her fingernails is some sort of wrap, which I recently bought in metallic silver. Sandra's got hers from Topshop, they cost seven pounds, in and about nine euros. A lovely way of completing your outfit, matchy nails!

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