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TOPLOOKS | February

1. Lauren Remington Platt via Stockholm Streetstyle
Ultimate sophistication, that is the power behind Lauren. With her elegant hair-do, timeless suit and white tones she completely nails it. Spring is most of all about mixing white hues, and this lady is the perfect example of how-to-do.

2. Josefin Arestav from FashionSphere
Yet again a powerful woman, but with dark edges. Bleached eyebrows mixed with bright red lips, multiple layers with different lengths, ombre effect in her pants... I could go on and on about her look. Maybe a little out of the tone of voice when I am talking about spring, but this outfit had to get in.

3. Shini Park from Park & Cube
The biggest spring trend spotted on the runways was pastel. Pretty pastel, proper pastel. Even tough that colourpalette is something I really need to learn, I grew on it. From all-black to mintgreen, violet and pale pink. Shini is better with experimenting, and sets the dresscode with this simple look. To spice things up, she used a wide choice of materials. From fuzzy and foxy to clean and crispy. You gotta learn it from the best.

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