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I am honestly proud of all of the Dutch architects. Even though I can clearly recall two or three of them by names, the architecture of Holland is often featured on design blogs such as Dezeen and KNSTRCT. Dutch design might not be embraced by the inhabitants themselves, but it does gets acknowledged by foreigners. No, I am not pointing at the old, 'Golden Century'-buildings right and left of the Amsterdam' canals, but at the new generation. Literally.

denieuwegeneratie (thenewgeneration freely translated), is a young Amsterdam based design office, founded on the day the Lehmann Brothers filed bankruptcy. Its start-up project, Dutch Mountain as seen below, was the start of a productive first 3 years. denieuwegeneratie focuses on the essence of architectute: building and rebuilding. Due to the overabundance of offices, denieuwegeneratie sees refurbishments and reuse of existing city and its buildings as highly important. The Dutch Mountain is a house (or castle, in my opinion), built into a small mountain. A little bit inspired by the Teletubbies?

The details inside are jaw-dropping amazing. An oldtimer Jag functioning as bookshelf, old Dutch trashcans are part of a table, skateboard decks used as stairs. An outfit may be only completed by accessories, this house is perfect because of the odd-looking details. Design, functionality and effortless style mixed into a building. Note to myself: don't spend money on clothing, save every penny for a house like this. One day.

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