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A small room. Concrete floor. White walls. A perfect round circle in the deepest purple on the floor. Flat. Just a circle, until someone puts her hand in there. The circle is no longer two-dimensional, but a hole in the floor. The effect of incorrect perception is one of the main themes that shows through the work of Anish Kapoor. And colour, from the brightest red that sucks you into a wall to the deepest blue, that doesn't reflect a thing because of the lack of pigment. 

I saw the incredible work of Anish Kapoor in museum De Pont in Tilburg last week. What seemed to be a giant room filled with mirrors that morph you into something alienating, was actually art. But not the only the artwork was impressive. De Pont is established in an old wool factory, including original red bricks, giant halls and brilliant lighting. Kapoor's incredible installations look even better in the industrial surrounding, too bad that Tilburg is for most of us not really what you call central... However, worth the endless train ride!

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