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NEW IN | Zara Wallet

I created my own Eveline Wang Objects Collection! I wanted to introduce you to my newest accession, a Zara wallet. It was gifted to me by my sister, while walking through the sale collection. I don't know why, but somehow the mass of the people do not buy what I like, so the objects in sale are mostly my taste. So is this wallet, inspired by the silver corners Wang also uses in his wallets and small boxbags. The last wallet I got was one from Portugal, at least eight years ago. Time for some refreshing. This is what you see, clockwise:

1. Chanel N°5 Perfume - Gifted to my sister and me as a very special symbol
2. My new scrapbook from Dutch warehouse HEMA - I use it as a style scrapbook for my interview next week
3. Zara Wallet - Also black...
4. Big scrapbook - More for notes and larger interviews or lectures
5. H&M's sunglasses - Old, I bought these over a year ago but there is still no scratch on it!

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