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TOP LOOKS | December

Marie tends to get easily decent. It fits perfectly on this shy, best girl in class. But there are some details that make this outfit interesting, like the long sweater, the folded bag and the great heels. Not something I would instantly wear, but on this girl, it feels like coming home.

2 Josefin Arestav via Fashion Sphere
I discovered this lady only a day ago, while surfing and blogging through the giant web. I stumbled across her blog, with theatrical shoots and heavy make-up. She seems a new goth, with an incredible original style. The layering does the trick here.

3 Aimee via Song of Style
Aimee is also a layering-expert, but more on the colours than the materials. No problem, because with this combination of red and denim, pink and studs, she does make it to the Top Looks of December. She has the sort of elegance that could be more important than the actual clothing. It looks like she's put it negligent on in five minutes. Careless, and that is quite tough.

4 Unknown via JAK&JIL, Paris
Just a shot from someone passing by. I was attracted by the small print on the blouse. Naked persons, rolled up in a foetusposition. A piece of art, printed on a piece of clothing. All black can't go wrong, safe but stylish.

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