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STYLE ICON | Taylor Tomasi Hill

Kate Lanphear, Lucy Williams, Kate Moss, Bianca Jagger. All of them got stamped with the label 'style icon'. Of course, I have my favourites, certainly when it comes to fashion. But when do I call someone a style icon? Lately, loads of teenage singers like Demi Lovato and (nooo) 'Hannah Montana' got prescribed as style icons. Firstly, do they dress themselves or does the style-team picks their outfit for each and every day? And second, are there young girls (except for Tavi) that experimented enough at young age to title themselves style-icons? For me, a style icon has to be someone that wears her personality on the outside, with clothing that express her or his natural preferences. Someone with style can be someone that has worn hippy dresses, leather pants, 80's punk hair and flowery dresses but nowadays dresses simple and black. A style-icon is someone who knows the tricks, and continuously surprises me, over and over again.

One of the Greater Style-Icons (all with capitals) in my view is the formerly style- and accessories director Taylor Tomasi Hill. As she describes: "I'm kind of a clothing chameleon. My style is something that's always evolving." She might be better known as the redhead in the fashion scene. I remember saving a photo with only legs on it, and multiple shades of green. I was completely obsessed with the photograph, especially when I found out who's face fitted on the legs. Taylor's. Miss Hill isn't the youngest face in the business, but she might be the prettiest under her peers. So does the Block thinks. Meet her hair and her style.

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