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INTERIOR | Alexandre Herchcovitch

ph / the Selby

Meet fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am still in doubt if I like his interior or not. The vintage appearance is interesting, just as the ripped walls are. The Golden M from fastfoodmagnet McDonalds is brilliant. I once saw Ronald -clown- McDonald standing on a balcony along the railway. Probably stolen, so I don't want to know how Alexandre got his yellow souvenir. He might used a strong monkey to climb the pole. Edit: Or he visited the vintage store next door. Whatsoever, his interior can compete with a vintage museum. My home will never look like this, but it is great for mix-and-match, bric-a-brac inspiration! You can find more photo's and a small handdrawn interview with The Selby here.

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