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IN THE MOOD | For Christmas

After days and days of working my ass off, I could say I am enjoying my mini-break. We are lacking a christmas tree this year, after hanging it upside-down on the ceiling and taping it on the wall, so I am also lacking the christmas mood. I haven't seen a cheesy movie, in which Santaclaus turns out to be an alien and I haven't yet walked through the crispy snow, because not even an inch has fallen down. It just doesn't feel like a regular christmas. So, to pump up the christmas mood, I want you to meet the 'La Playlist de l'Avent' from the French Vogue. It shows an advent calendar by the well-known editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt. Every day until christmas, a window opens up with a cheesy old song in it. At least there is the cheesy part of christmas! Enjoy David Bowie, Blondie and of course the noticed WHAM.

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