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WISHLIST | December

It's christmas everyday! This is my never-ending wishlist with impossible products. I am the one among your friends that always has to fall madly in love with the sold-out items. The metal can is already in my possession, but I haven't opened it yet. It was a present from my boyfriend, but it's up to me if and when I open it. There is much going on and when you open a can, with all luck in the world you won't ever close it again. What could be possible in it? It isn't heavy, it isn't very large, it sounds like dry macaroni. Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma...

1 Bjorg Earcuffs | Brilliant when you're in the mood for some fluffy unicorn-fun.
2 Topshop Ambush Boots | Sold out forever, but you never know, Santa's got magical powers.
3 Metal can | My boyfriend gave one to me with something inside. It's up to me when I open it. I am thrilled...
4 Lodis iPad Case | I am one of those iPad-lacking people, but this case can easily make me smile.
5 Dazed and Confused Magazine | One issue of that one, an subscription to that one. I admit my addiction to magazines.
6 Jimmy Choo Cup Sleeves | Coffee-a-go-go, but with that little touch of luxury added.
7 Untitled, perfume by Martin Margiela | My simple thought: the campaign was amazing, so the perfume should smell amazing too.
8 Acne Shearling Jacket | ...or any other acne jacket.
9 Alexander Wang 'Kirsten' Bag | I've seen knock-offs on Nelly, but the real deal keeps me going.

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