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As days go by, the official countdown shouts that there's not much time left. 2011 felt like a breath, it disappeared as soon as it began. De last week of the year is noticed because of its lists, so here's one to feed your listomania-hunger. Need more?

The Future of Fashion |
"It’s inconceivable to me that someone creative can have a new idea every two months. Because if I have one new idea in a year, I thank heaven. I pray, I do everything, but God doesn’t always give me ideas. That’s why I’m always late with the collection."

An Intellectual Fashion, Rick Owens | AnOther Magazine
"Everybody probably has their own definition of elegance. Personally, I’ve seen some pretty transgressive fashion that was elegant in its wit or exuberance. I think everyone would agree that elegance is the most desirable part of fashion."

'Black is perfect...', Ann Demeulemeester | The Independent
"For me, Gothic is something from my youth, when I had a heavy metal phase. It's too easy to say that orange is happy and black is sad. To me, black is perfect. You can fill it with the emotion you want to express. My work has always been about authentic feeling, and I think we live in a time where we need that."

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