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STYLE FILE | Yasmin Sewell

Yasmin Sewell is one of the most powerful, most beautiful ladies in the fashion industry at the moment. At the age of twenty, Yasmin moved from Australia to America. She works as a trend forecaster, brand advisor and fashion retail consultant. But that is shallow information. The most important thing is the way she always seems to look perfect, at every occasion. Her curly short hair, the way she smiles and her ever perfect combinations, I absolutely don't know how she does it. If she would share her secret about how to look vibrant nonchalant all the time, I am the first to know. Since it is Fashionweek in New York (the oldest news, I know), there will probably soon pop up new photo's of the stunning looks Yasmin creates. Stay tuned!

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
My grey Christopher Kane cashmere biker cardigan. It always feels right - for work, out for dinner, or for travel.
What is your fallback outfit?
Slouchy jeans, a vibrant-coloured printed T-shirt and a double-breasted blazer.
What is your one piece of fashion or beauty advice?
Invest in a great haircut that reflects your personal style.
What has been your biggest fashion faux pas?
My cappuccino-coloured paisley printed tracksuit with matching hoody that I wear around the home. It looks like an old velour couch.
First fashion memory?
My first memory is my mum. Not in a ‘borrow Mummy’s Chanel handbag’ way – that wasn’t my life at all. She went through a stage of making her own clothes, and they were fabulous: pink strapless gowns, lots of shoulder pads...
What aspect of fashion do you dislike?
Unethical, mass-produced stuff.
What makes your style idiosyncratic?
I suppose I'm really comfortable in what I wear, which translates as confidence. Others react more positively to me when I'm wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in rather than the killer, “just seen in Vogue” dress.
What are your five desert island staples?
An Eres bikini, Bio Oil, an Isabel Marant cover-up, tea tree toothpicks and a snorkel.
What is a day in the fashion life of Yasmin Sewell?
I wear clothes from Braus, a Brazilian label, to pilates. Then it's high-waisted trousers or jeans by Acne, T-shirts by Balenciaga or Josh Goot, blazers from APC, and ankle boots. I love to be boyish in the day and then wear a dress in the evening to switch my mood.

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