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FRESH FACE | Bart Hess

Bart van Hess' work is typically between commercial and art. I never knew that some videos and slimy photographs were from his hand, but I did saw them on flyers, festivals and creative blogs. I must shamefully regret the fact that I did not look this fresh artist up earlier. But better late than never?

A man in some glittery black condom, trying to amplify the material. A face, full of blue dots, as some sort of colourful beard. A woman, tied with thin rope which is morphing her face. Bart Hess makes conceptual arts in which he combines material studies, animation and photography. "With new found material, I exploit its limits and explore its every possibility. It is amazing to see how a certain material can change its appearance and its original purpose when you incorporate the skin and body", he says in Prestage Magazine #2. Having a fantastic portfolio of work in several different fields at a very young age -Hess is from '84- Bart is an expert in telling stories in visually strong images. He worked together with Palais de Tokyo, Nick Knight and Iris van Herpen in order to create more thrilling images. "Collaborating helps me to get out of my comfort zone. Not knowing where and how a project is going to go is really special. The thing that binds the different collaborations is the way I use the material. I try to amaze my audience by showing the limitations of it. I am always looking for interesting combinations of materials and new dialogues with the human body".

"I created my own playground which allowed me to make lots of designs. I believe that you can learn from experience and with every shoot I did, I had the feeling I was delving deeper and creating stronger imagery. I didn't have any starting point and I also didn't know what kind of image I would end up with at the end of the day. So, I learned to trust my instincts, which is what made me appreciate the beauty of unexpected". Bart Hess works with simple ideas which are not able to be named or labeled. Is it artwork, is it installation, is it only photography? He does it all, all together, all at the same time. He is a creator, a visionair. He is able to tap into new worlds by using new and existing materials in a innovative way. Hess created his own stage which led to international collaborations and a prestigious status.

Bart Hess is absolutely one of the fresh pioneers in art, fashion and design. He is enriching his field and accomplishing innovative work. Hess is currently operating in a duo called LucyandBart, but also busy with own work. Follow his blog to catch up with regular updates regarding his artwork. Quotes are from Prestage Magazine, photographs from Bart Hess himself.

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