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Something captivating, bright orange with hints of shimmering silver. Something contrasting, a mixture of massive inks and unadorned tunics. Something so rugby, Asian and punk all-in-one. That something is Ricardo Dourado.

His tumblr shows gifs from his latest 2013's show, self-portraits in the back of a posh looking car, grunge-influences in bright colours and random poetry about deconstruction. Does it provide a clear view on the man himself? No, but it helps understanding his fascination with odd movements and inconvenient combinations.

The Spring show is based on the orange used for prisoner's coveralls, as well is the inspiration for the giant tattoos. Angry eagles spread their wings on the chests of tough looking males, walking up and down the catwalk in black New Balance sneakers. I imagine an accompanying hardcore beat, full of anger and rage. Shirts are rather oversized and the three-quarter length pants also don't come in size S. Best part are the leather coverups, clearly inspired on bullet proof vests. Top it off with a sceptum and a wall of barbed wire, and you just got a step closer to the Dourado's thinking process.

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