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UPDATE | the time of must-do's is over

It seems like ages ago since I logged in on Blogger! My pile of to-do's and must-do's grew until it hit the ceiling, and finally disappeared when I passed my stylebook assignment last week. Not to mention the fights with copyshops I got into... (When do you need the book to be printed? Eh, like now?). It took me glue, sweat and almost tears, but it is worth the extra spare time afterwards. Time well spent! Radiohead's I Might Be Wrong somewhere in the background, hours of crawling under the warm blankets of a double bed and a thin layer of snow covering the streets. So far my Yoko Ono Plastic World. I will spend every minute from now on behind a sewingmachine, since I have to deliver a prototype dress for the institute and I can only work with plastics. Nineties PVC-dress, I hear you thinking? Things always end up 180 degrees from my original plan, so we'll see.

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