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1. INSPIRATION | Currently
My Tumblr looks all grumpy, probably because of the winter weather here. How daring is the dipped-white hair from the girl in the middle? Reminds...
2. SEE | Daily Collage
I saw this crinkled shirt the other day at one of my favourite eclectic blogs, stylorectic. It is a white shirt with a twist, made by the Polish...
3. INTERIOR | Alexandre Herchcovitch
Meet fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am still in doubt if I like his interior or not. The vintage appearance...
4. EDITORIAL | He's No Lady
Editorial for Fashion February 2012, with the amazing male/female model Andrej Pejic as No Lady...
The world's most independent fashion magazine, as Dansk Magazine calls itself, comes now with two amazing covers. Hard to choose, but the...
6. DELICATE | Valentine with A. Wang
I just found this sexy sport bra, made by my current hero Alexander Wang. Nowhere to find in the online stores, because this piece of delicate...

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 2. SEE
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