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DESIGN | City of Triangles

ph / Lisa Galesloot

You might know her name, her photography, her style. Lisa Galesloot has been the personal photographer for the blog AfterDRK quite some time now. I was curious to see what kind of artist there would be behind the photography. Bingo! Lisa has some amazing projects on her online portfolio, from backstage shots from the Iris van Herpen show till photocollages with fashion forecasts for 2015. I also spotted this triangular project. As you might know, the triangle appeals to me because of its simplicity. Lisa's first portfolio post is this one, called 'High relief' from 2008. These handmade paper landscapes form an abstract city,  a forrest, a crowd. They form whatever you want to see in them. I would love having these pieces of art in my livingroom, but I have no idea were to put such a massive installation. Maybe in my next castle..?

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