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DESIGN | Blend x vanMOOF

As a citizen of Holland, I am forced by the government to ride a bicycle. Just kidding, but I do ride it a lot. When tourists visit Amsterdam for the first time, they are often amazed by the amount of biking people. Without helmets, which is regular in America, without any form of protection really. Biking is in our blood, we all learn it. It is part of the education, of the national identity. If that even exists. My favourite magazine Blend teamed up with biking brand Vanmoof for a brilliant bike. The frame in black and white, the simplicity and the symmetry makes me want to jump on immediately. I know that this is old news, not even old but really dinosaur-old, but the lightweight bike is still on my mind. A small piece of me just needs to crave for things sold out, impossible or a combination of those factors...

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