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MIX-AND-MATCH | Dries van Noten Coat

I've tried some cutting and pasting - not that much of a fan of the digital revolution, would rather cut with a real pair of scissors - to create a mix-and-match with Dries van Noten's best minimalistic trick: the coat from the S/S 2012 show. I like combining several different materials together, but that is not an easy task with prints. We saw loads of jungle-inspired flowers and sceneries, but I like the simple coats with black-and-white prints best. Unfortunately, I can only find it in several editorials all over magazines and the world wide web, but not for sale anymore.

Coat, Dries van Noten - Leather Biker Vest, MMM - Fur Gilet, MMM
Plastic Pump, Topshop - Coat, Dries van Noten - Clear Raincoat, Topshop
Two-toned Denim, Surface to Air - Black and White Bag, 3.1 Philip Lim - Coat, Dries van Noten

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