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Dark Wings City | Pedro Korshi
I follow tons of blogs, all by the coolest kids of town. However, I noticed that most of them is female. In search of some masculine inspiration, I bummed into Dark Wings City. Pedro Korshi -which could be a fantastic artist name, side note- runs this minimal picture perfect. He is working on his first collection, filled with stiff jackets, loads of white en black, squares and clear details. Eszther from stylorectic is officially his first clothing-wearing 'celebrity'. I like his simple take on things, his love for the finest materials and not having the ability to part men and women. You could easily spot Pedro in leggings or skirts. And he wears it bloody better than me.

Thing for the BlingTeemu Bling
"... ladyboys and girls and all those who dream to rule the world!" Nice opening of an 'about', don't you think? Bleached hair, tough leather jackets, creative gifted and without doubt one of the best male stylists. The Finnish Teemu Bling -wonder if that is his real last name- is an eccentric appearance. Not everything is up my alley, but his fresh look on clothing, outfits and fashion in general makes Thing for the Bling worth a daily visit. His collages are more of the old-school cutting, pasting and writing than the better photoshopwork, but nevertheless enjoyable.

Modern Legacy | Kaitlyn
Style icon. Kaitlyn might be the only woman up here, but she deserved her spot. Giant sunglasses, light knits, a sniff of Wang, a red lip here and there and of course the classic stripe. She has the right ingredients to bake a wonderful cake. It reminds me of Fashiontoast sometimes, Kaitlyn has the same nonchalance, the same sense of style and the same way of photographing. However, she does it with a fresher take on things. Just discovered, already up my list of favourites.

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