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NEW IN | Burgundy Nailpolish

Ik weet dat jullie dood worden gegooid met bordeaux-rood, maar deze aankopen kon ik jullie niet onthouden. Ik struikelde afgelopen week over een blog, geen idee meer welke precies, met deze nagellak kleurtjes erin. Budgetbeest dat ik ben, rende ik de eerste de beste Kruidvat binnen. Ik ben nog niet achter de plakgarantie van deze Essence-lakjes, één dag hebben ze in ieder geval al overleefd. Ze kosten (met een speciale 35%-korting actie) €1,29 per stuk! Go get them tigers!

I could hear you guys thinking: 'Well, freshfix is falling for burgundy, but does she has anything in that colour?' I must honestly answer that with no. No, until yesterday. I stumbled across these nailpolish from Essence, one of the cheapest cosmetic brands in town. Dutchies can get it at Kruidvat and foreigners living in Europe and Russia are also lucky. I bought colour 60, titled Fateful Desire (I thought it was fatal desire) and the glitterish one is colour 72, titled Time for Romance. I've only put glitters on my ring finger, as a cheap version of an engagement-ring. The nailpolish is darker red than it shows on the pictures, caused by the daylight and flash. I can't already tell you if the nailpolish is long-lasting, but I predict it won't. It already passed the guitar-playing-test, that's the good news. I literally dived into the trashcan to find the receipt. I do a lot for a good blogpost. The nailpolishes cost €1,29 per piece, and that's nearly nothing for flaunting with the autumn-trend on your nails!

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