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You might have noticed the lack of posts last week. Sorry. I was in rehab for my pixel addiction and RSI arm in Berlin. It's such a shame I've never been there before, since it is the closest (and probably coolest) neighbor we have! Together with other students of fashion school, we went hunting for fresh concept stores. Hold your breath as I drop them.

titus zooprene karl-liebknecht-strasse 9
Do me a favor and get me one of those skateable concrete bowls! Titus is a skatestore with a clean concept and simplistic approach. Brilliant caps and a nice selection of decks.

apartment am alexanderplatz memhardstrasse 8 
Step into the ground floor and you'll feel like you've just walked in a museum. White walls, white floors, only one object inside. Take the stairs to minus one and discover the incredible conceptual planet of apartment!

fein und ripp kastanienallee 91-92
Not everybody's piece of cake, but worth mentioning anyway. Fein und Ripp sells original 1920's produced men's wear. The 'new old stock' is even used as inspiration by the head designer of G-Star. Certainly talk to the guy behind the desk, he can tell you everything about the extraordinary shop.

glory whole oderberger strasse 13
I read the name out loud. Once again. Laughed. And had to get in! Don't let the name fool you, Glory Whole is actually a really nice biological and organic small café with oven-fresh carrot cake.

clärchens ballhaus auguststrasse 24
If you're in for some charming Italian music and a bit of dancing, this place is brilliant. The venue is being used as both restaurant and dancing hall, with classes every evening. Enjoy the carrotsoup or the classic wiener schnitzel. It's the biggest you've ever seen!

hüttenpalast hobrechtstrasse 66
Unfortunately, the hotel was arranged by school. Thank god for my six nice roomies, otherwise I would have jumped straight out of the window. My own choice would be the lovely Hüttenpalast, a giant inside campsite with several caravans functioning as beds.

Berlin's club scene changes every other night. Most clubs are located in squatted, former East-Berlin buildings were the rent is low and the joy high. We enjoyed Tresor (Köpenicker Strasse 70), an old department store turned into technoclub, though it was quite touristic and not that authentic. If you're lucky, you might get in Berghein (Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1), the most desirable club in the world. Other nice clubs are Magdalena (Located on the corner of Schillingbrücke/Stralauer Platz), Chalet (Schlesischen Tor 3) and the area of Cassiopeia.

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