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EDITORIAL | She rides the asphalt

ph / Jan Welters for Antidote Magazine

I just returned from a crazy weekend at 'A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise', the wildest festival of all time. Since I am typing with dramatically half-open eyes, listening to the beep that drills through my fluffy brains, this won't be a piece of brilliant literature. Sorry.

Who doesn't get inspired by CĂ©line nowadays? Since the amazing graphical skate decks Jayne from STOP IT RIGHT NOW created in late 2011 (great DIY), skateboarding is sizzling hot. Antidote Magazine went for a classic Icons Issue with Anna Piaggi and Andy Warhol, including this fairytale-ish editorial featuring Aymeline Valade and a skateboard. Big plus: she rides it trustworthy. These images bring back my early youth, longing to ride the asphalt just as the Z-boys did...

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