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EDITORIAL | She rides the asphalt

ph / Jan Welters for Antidote Magazine

I just returned from a crazy weekend at 'A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise', the wildest festival of all time. Since I am typing with dramatically half-open eyes, listening to the beep that drills through my fluffy brains, this won't be a piece of brilliant literature. Sorry.

Who doesn't get inspired by Céline nowadays? Since the amazing graphical skate decks Jayne from STOP IT RIGHT NOW created in late 2011 (great DIY), skateboarding is sizzling hot. Antidote Magazine went for a classic Icons Issue with Anna Piaggi and Andy Warhol, including this fairytale-ish editorial featuring Aymeline Valade and a skateboard. Big plus: she rides it trustworthy. These images bring back my early youth, longing to ride the asphalt just as the Z-boys did...

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